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3.5 year old hates her new preschool

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Wishfulmakeupping Wed 07-Sep-16 07:18:09

Loved her old one she'd been at a year village run by mums kind of preschool I've swapped her to new one as its in the village we're moving to in oct and thought it would be good if she was a more local preschool as its closer and she'd meet children she would be going to primary school with next year.

That's the background-
New preschool is based in a nursery the staff are all younger but fully trained- its well set up in terms of activities/outdoor area but dd hates it. We've done settling in sessions for a week and now in 2nd week of her going in on own.
Every day she's telling me she doesn't like it, misses her old preschool, misses her key worker from old school. Especially before bed she tells me she doesn't want to go back to new school.
A couple of times the staff have said shes been upset when they've asked her to sit down for storyline but that she's generally ok while she's there.

Any advice/experiences?
Not sure whether to just keep going and hoping she starts settling soon.

My options are leave her there and hope for the best.
Move her back to old school knowing she'll be happier in next year but she won't be making friends in new village for primary school next year.
Move her into another preschool/nursery in the new village and hope she likes another new one better.

rosesarered9 Wed 07-Sep-16 21:41:41

I wouldn't worry too much about going to the pre-school that most of her future primary school friends go to. Friendship groups generally form at the start of school, apart from maybe 2 friends who like to stick together all the time.

I would move her back because if she isn't close to the other children now she might not want to socialise with them when she moves to primary school. But you know what's best for your DD.

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