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Bromsgrove School vs. Headington School vs. Ardingly College

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fuggedaboutit Sat 03-Sep-16 12:47:25

Does anyone have any thoughts on these schools and how they compare to each other? Any feedback on them - facilities, academic, teaching, how good their IB is, how happy students are etc. would be really helpful, thank you.

Dancingdreamer Sun 04-Sep-16 22:31:09

I can't compare schools but can say that Bromsgrove is a lovely school. It has fabulous facilities, especially some of the modern boarding houses. Nice mix of day, full and weekly boarding (although most full boarders are international). Academically mid range - not highly selective and doesn't try to be. Sport is good but not exceptional. Deliberately states that it is not a pretentious school. All in all offers a good balance. Worth a look to see if you like it.

Bashstreetmum Mon 05-Sep-16 15:33:47

I believe that Bromsgrove won the national schools rugby for the last two years and the national schools netball about four years ago. They are high in the rankings of sports schools now. Definitely a down to earth school. Has Saturday school and plenty of matches. Lovely school.

Dancingdreamer Mon 05-Sep-16 22:21:56

Interesting didn't know that about the rugby and netball. Know more about hockey - where Repton dominates. Agree it is a lovely school.

DaffodilDarling Sun 12-Mar-17 18:54:02

Made a decision OP?

If you're still deciding, Ardingly has a very good reputation. Lots of value added, very happy children, tons of extra curricular. Reputation for turning out good all rounders but also caters for the v sporty.

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