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Murano student village - Glasgow

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lifeisnuts Tue 30-Aug-16 17:05:08

Hi all, DD1 is off to Glasgow Uni very soon and has been given accommodation in the Murano Street flats. I googled them and it's frightened the pants off me to be honest - mention of a stabbing last year and that the area is quite rough. DD1 is fairly streetwise and not phased but it's her first time living away from home. Does anyone have any experience of the Murano Student Village? Desperately need a bit of reassurance. Thanks in advance.

AgentProvocateur Tue 30-Aug-16 17:22:33

It's not in a great area, and once you cross Maryhill Road there's a bit of a trek to the uni. Having said that, you can walk to the city centre, Lidl, the health centre, the gym, uni and loads of students live there, and they all seem to move in packs. I'd maybe be slightly wary about walking home alone late at night, but it wouldn't be much in a taxi. And Glasgow taxis have an arrangement whereby if students don't have enough money for the fare, they leave their student card with the driver and swap it for money the next day.

AgentProvocateur Tue 30-Aug-16 17:23:47

Sorry - that was less reassuring than I meant it to be. It's a busy area with lots of students and I'm sure she'll be fine if she takes normal precautions.

ASAS Tue 30-Aug-16 17:27:41

Agree, no walking alone at night. Sorry. She will love it though.

lifeisnuts Tue 30-Aug-16 17:44:30

Thanks very much for your replies - that all sounds very sensible and reasonable. Will have a chat with her about safety in numbers 😃.

LotsOfDots Tue 30-Aug-16 17:54:29

I stayed there nearly 20 years ago! The area has improved over the last 20 years and there are so many students based there that I doubt that she'll ever be walking home alone! It's about a 20 min walk to the main uni buildings. There's a really nice pub called the strathmore across the road from the halls now! The walk from halls to uni along queen Margaret drive is nice and there is a Tesco metro en route. To be honest the bit of Glasgow between uni and murano st is fine now, I would however advise your daughter not to go in the other direction as it becomes ruchill which is less salubrious in places. I don't think I ever had need to head in that direction, right enough! Tell her to be careful not to burn toast - the fire station is across the road and there are a lot of false alarms in the halls and consequent sirens in the first few weeks!

LotsOfDots Tue 30-Aug-16 17:55:20

More of an essay than I intended! Feel free to PM me if you want any more local knowledge!

lifeisnuts Tue 30-Aug-16 18:12:17

Thanks Lotsof - there's a lot of really helpful information there - I will pass it all on to her.

soundsystem Tue 30-Aug-16 18:17:09

Agree with lotsofdots if she goes towards the uni or towards town she'll be fine. No need for her to go in the other direction at night! I'd say walking up from the uni is fine now, even in the dark, as long as normal common sense is used, and she'll almost certainly find someone to walk back with.

I'm sure she'll have a great time - Glasgow uni and Glasgow in general are pretty awesome grin

MargotsDevil Tue 30-Aug-16 19:51:46

My sister loved living there; when I visited the halls were decent for student accommodation - although that was about a decade ago now! I know the area though and I honestly think she should be fine. Literally hundreds of students live in the complex with more just across the road (overlooking the football ground). Agree that safety in numbers at night would be sensible but tbh I would always advise that in a new (unfamiliar?) city anyway. Hope she has a great experience smile

lifeisnuts Tue 30-Aug-16 22:11:53

Thanks for replying Soundsystem and Margot, feeling much more reassured now : ).

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