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Central London independent school for a sporty girl?

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Usami Tue 30-Aug-16 02:21:19

My first post here. I would like some help to find some good independent school for girls (or if not coed) for my daughter in central London that has good sports facilities as well as excellent pastoral care.

I have a 2 and half year daughter who is very active and into various activities. She is also very shy and sensitive. I think she is sporty than academic. She is smart but not those really hard working bookish type and would probably enjoys physical activities than studying when she is a bit older.

I'm looking for a good school that also has a very good sports facility but also has an excellent pastoral care. Because she is very shy I would like her to go to a school where teachers are caring rather than strict traditional type.

We live in central London and have viewed some schools but none so far seem to have good sports facilities.

Thank you for reading my post and I would be grateful if I could pick your brains!

fakenamefornow Tue 30-Aug-16 02:46:20

Sorry, just to be clear, your daughter is two years old and you've decided she's sporty and not academic? Have you written her age right, do you mean she's 12.5?

FabFiveFreddie Tue 30-Aug-16 02:51:28

Yes, do you really mean two and a half years old?

If you do, erm, I think you should maybe relax with the pigeon holing. Give the poor thing a chance. Of course she's not bookish at 2.5. She can't bloody read!

NerrSnerr Tue 30-Aug-16 03:53:32

At 2.5 you have no idea if she's going to be a hard working bookish type or particularly sporty. She will change so much in the coming years (unless she is 12.5).

mary21 Tue 30-Aug-16 16:38:42

Newton prep, Bute House, Hill House and Fulham prep might be worth a look. Central London schools don't have space for acres of sports fields so often have to work around this.
Dallington offers forest school.
Some of the schools above may be full already. Some will have an assessment to get in even at 3+ or 4+

morecoffee12 Tue 30-Aug-16 17:37:18

Good suggestions by Mary - Fulham Prep have their own playing fields for year 3 to year 8 according to a friend. Think it is first come first served (ie. not assessment at reception).

EllyMayClampett Tue 30-Aug-16 17:39:04

Two and a half years old is a little early to judge your DD's strengths and weaknesses.

Usami Wed 31-Aug-16 14:05:50

Thank you for all your comments. Yes it's hard to know the strengths and weakness at such early stage and I'm just following what she likes right now. Don't mean to label my child at all and possibly it's my English that I didn't write so well as to not my first language.
Very helpful and gives me somewhere to start. Really appreciate your time. Thank you so much!

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