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I want to go to university

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Fairyfly Wed 09-Jun-04 12:41:14

Anyone have an idea what the next step is? Am i too late for this September. Do i apply through UCAS or the universities direct. What does a mature student actually need to get in, will i have to do an access course? I have three A levels,and a year in a uni, but not really in the subject i would chose. Any information would be gratefully recieved.........Thankyou

miranda2 Tue 15-Jun-04 09:40:06

Come on FF, you can do it! The grants are so pathetic anyway - can you work parttime to pay for the course? You may well get help with childcare? Ring the mature students advisor or students union welfare people and make an appt to talk the options through with them.

aloha Tue 15-Jun-04 10:02:33

Don't give up so easily FF!! You really want to to do this. It could change your life forever. Talk to the uni about the fact that you are a mature student and ask for their advice. Look into student loans. Come on - don't give up your dream at the first hurdle. You will regret it, you know.

babysteffee Wed 16-Jun-04 16:01:29

You can get loans from SLC for part time courses as well now I think.

I think you should go for it. I'm going to uni in September after applying every year for 6 years and something always coming up to make me put it off. This time it's not gonna get put off. Mind you, I'm on my 4th 60-point ou course, so not far away from having a degree...

I'm sure you can find a full time course in the subjects you like, and it's not too late for UCAS. Go for it!!

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