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I want to go to university

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Fairyfly Wed 09-Jun-04 12:41:14

Anyone have an idea what the next step is? Am i too late for this September. Do i apply through UCAS or the universities direct. What does a mature student actually need to get in, will i have to do an access course? I have three A levels,and a year in a uni, but not really in the subject i would chose. Any information would be gratefully recieved.........Thankyou

Toothache Wed 09-Jun-04 12:43:34

Hi FF.

Yes you do apply through UCAS. I think you might be too late to catch any spaces for this September, but if the course you want has spaces then you might be okay.

For mature students I don't really think they look much at A levels (could be wrong though). As for an access course, that really depends what you want to do??? Any ideas?

lars Wed 09-Jun-04 12:44:18

Get some advice quick it sounds like you have all you need and the fact you are a 'mature student' will go in your favour. larsxx

Fairyfly Wed 09-Jun-04 12:48:37

Hello Toothache and Lars
I want to do creative writing in some form, i would also love to combine it with art but i realise i would have to bump up my Portfolio, so may just forget that area. Do i just ring up the colleges and ask, or apply for next year, i haven't a clue and want to get this moving.

LIZS Wed 09-Jun-04 12:49:36

I think you may still be able to apply either via UCAS (until end of June) or through the Clearing process (see here but think the dates may still apply to 2003.)

Good luck.

discordia Wed 09-Jun-04 12:54:09

There will be an advisor for mature students wanting to start uni you want to go to. Speak to him/her for advice. I'm doing an Access course (got no a levels) and the staff at the uni are really helpful.

motherinferior Wed 09-Jun-04 12:54:58

Go for it, FF!

lars Wed 09-Jun-04 12:54:58

Ring colleges now and don't give up.
You will get in some where i'm sure. Usually access courses are for people without the formal qualifications ( no need for access course). The fact you have A levels are just what you need and shows you are ready to move on to further education- GO FOR IT NOW! LARSXX

spacemonkey Wed 09-Jun-04 12:55:41

good for you FF, your brain is far too good to get stuck in a McJob!

Fairyfly Wed 09-Jun-04 13:31:38

I have rang one, i love love love the course, it says apply through the university by the end of june, so i am not too late, also no entry requirments..........Anyone with any magical powers, please please keep your fingers crossed, i really really need some good fortune. It would change my entire life. I am waiting for them to ring back and don't want to blow it.

spacemonkey Wed 09-Jun-04 13:33:28

everything crossed here for you FF X

Fairyfly Wed 09-Jun-04 13:35:21

A monkey crossing her fingers must be extra luck

lars Wed 09-Jun-04 13:36:06

I am realy pleased for you- good fortune come your way!! larsxx

Hulababy Wed 09-Jun-04 13:38:09

You are proably too late for the official UCAS entry (I think out sixth formers have to have that done around Christmas time) but not too late to join a course in September. You can just go through clearing, which starts the day (or maybe a day or two after) the A evel results come out - sometime around mid Auguest.

I recommend phoning some universities up and asking tos peak to some one there on the courses you are interested in. they will give you more info and liklihood of places for this year.

Hulababy Wed 09-Jun-04 13:39:49

Ooops missed up date. Well doen FF, fingers crossed.

Janh Wed 09-Jun-04 13:46:30

FF, I am SOOOOOOO thrilled to see this thread! Well done! It sounds brill! I am very proud of you!

katierocket Wed 09-Jun-04 13:48:19

oh brilliant ff. have everything crossed for you!

aloha Wed 09-Jun-04 21:27:09

Just seen this. Fantastic! I am very excited for you

nutcracker Mon 14-Jun-04 19:53:05

How exciting FF, have you heard anything yet ??

What course are you going to do ??

spacemonkey Tue 15-Jun-04 00:28:47

FF any news about your course?

Fairyfly Tue 15-Jun-04 01:43:42

I can't afford it, thats it, i got real, i would love to, silliness, the course i fell in love with happens to be part time, which means nooooo grant, big big shame, but i am going to take over glitterfairy and her trolls institute instead

Earlybird Tue 15-Jun-04 09:13:22

Hi Fairyfly - By a complete fluke, I have some information that may help you. There was an advice column in Saturday's Telegraph about financial help for university students. It suggested a newly published book called the "Official UK Student Funding Directory" (£9.99) that has details of "more than 15,000 scholarships and bursuries for undergraduates and postgraduates worth £127 million, which includes £3.25 million of university entrance awards, £1 million of sponsorships, and £1.5 million of awards given away by charitable trusts".

The book is published by Hotcourses Ltd (020.8600.5300). For free access to the database, you can go to And no, I am not affiliated with them in any way. I just happened to be having a quick glance of the weekend papers before putting them in the bin, and saw this info. I thought of you. Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

Toothache Tue 15-Jun-04 09:19:39

Fairyfly - Don't give up so easily woman!!! There must be another institute that offers the course fulltime!? Or another similar course?

Fio2 Tue 15-Jun-04 09:32:08

Oh No! I hope you can find something FF.

FWIW I think you would love doing a Uni course instead of OU. OU is good but it hard to keep motivated, where as at uni you do seem to get more motivated. I am talkking from my husbands experience not mine!

spacemonkey Tue 15-Jun-04 09:33:37

I turned down a place at uni before I had ds because I couldn't afford it. I really regret it. So don't give up so easily - there will be a way if you really want to do it!

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