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Relocation & changing schools - help

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Believe2116 Sat 27-Aug-16 15:06:11

Hi everyone,
I am new to mumsnet and after reading lots of discussions online I decided to join and pick brains with my dilemma.

I'm a single parent of a 10 year old boy, who is about to go into his last year of primary.

I live in Worcestershire, and have wanted to move to the south west for years. Ever since I can remember it has been my dream, I feel an unexplainable pull to the area. Since my son has started school, I have thought about it and even had job interviews at one point, but then haven't gone due to not wanting to move my child from a school he is happy in.

I lost my dad to cancer last year, lost a baby and split up with my fiancé. I have spent the last two months in Cornwall and I want to stay, however my boy doesn't want to move school. He's petrified at the thought, he's a quiet boy and my heart breaks at the thought of him not knowing anyone and being alone/unhappy. I feel like I'm so close to my dream that I don't want to give up but at the same time I don't want to traumatise my son.

If I could find a way of introducing him to others first, the whole thing would click into place with less distress. I am torn.

Has anyone else moved area at this age? Do schools have any kind of initiation process to make it easier? I read online that some schools will introduce you to families before the child starts school, but I think this was in America.....I'm not sure.

Sorry for the long post.....

Dumbled Mon 29-Aug-16 23:33:18

I havent done such a big move, but moved 30-40 minutes which meant my dc starting schoolnot knowing anyone. She made friends very quickly
For juniors dc then went to a different school to infant friends, so we started her with the local brownies to make friend. We want move again, which my effect dc secondary school, but once we know what we are doing, we will try and sign her to local classes
Kids are adaptable, if you talk to them in massive positive way and practical things joining scouts, karate classes etc asap could really help?
Would you try and move after year 6 is over?

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