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New mature lone parent student...

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Mumzyknowsbest Sun 07-Aug-16 00:48:38

I decided to go back to uni to gain more confidence and skills in my chosen self employment field (web design). I already do this job on a free lance basis but never dare take on too many clients because I often have to resort to youtube tutorials or my online mentor to see me through the job.

I honestly think if I had the skills and knowledge I could take on 10 times the jobs I do now and hire others to do the rest for me. Hence, I am going back to uni.

From what I can tell, I will be better off than I am now and will also be gaining crucial knowledge to enable me to take my business even further.

I'm now sweating somewhat because I'm in my 30's and will have to commute a hour a day (driving). My DD is 11 and will be starting high school this year and luckily will be able to walk to grandparents after school so won't need childcare. But I'm still sweating.

I know this is superficial but I'm a little overweight and have zero clothes atm. So Feel like I'll look like a frumpy mumsy figure on campus. All that said, I do feel like this is an inspired step for me and I will prob loose my excess pounds just being more active...

What am I even asking mumsnet for? I duno maybe some stories from other mature student parents... that can put me at ease...

Clonakilty Sun 07-Aug-16 09:09:46

I was 18 when I started my 1st degree. On my course there were people in their thirties, forties, fifties, and sixties. The oldest person was 80. And that was for a BA. I went back to uni in my forties and learnt alongside people who were a whole variety of ages. The oldest was nearly 70. I suppose it depends on the uni, but people go into education at various times in their lives. That's the joy of it. Don't worry about what you look like; just feel proud that you are doing something positive. Good for you!

Clonakilty Sun 07-Aug-16 09:10:29

And I was 3 stone heavier the second time round.

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