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1million Fri 05-Aug-16 08:12:47

DS ordered some football keeper gloves from Just Keepers personalised with initials etc. £53 as well!!! They came and they are appalling ripped/unstictched at sides and really poor quality. To say he was upset is an understatement. So I will be requesting a refund.
Where can I get decent keeper gloves from that maybe they will personalise anyone???

stn24 Fri 05-Aug-16 14:47:18

Prodirect sport
Then search goalkeeper gloves. You can get decent ones for around £30. Note that not all of them can be personalised as it depends on how big the manufacture's designs are on the wristband. If he is just starting out, don't buy the white gloves as they get dirty very quickly and he does not know how to take care of his gloves. Also his techniques will be not as polished and can damage his gloves quicker. Keep the old ones for practice and buy a decent pair for matches.

SAHDthatsall Fri 05-Aug-16 19:47:34

DS has always been a keeper (last 8 years) so I am used to this! We have been through many makes etc. And now I suggest that the best value ones are sold by:

He's had some personalised and some not. The best thing to do is buy at least 4 pairs and they will last you most of the season. DS uses up to 3 pairs per match - warmup, first half, second half. Though many games at school are on 3G so they don't get that dirty. In more muddy winter conditions you need the 3 pairs per match definitely.

Cleaning wise - you will find some directions on this online but basically I soak them in warm water for a bit then just wipe them with a cloth to clean them and dry them slowly - not on a rad or other heat source, just hang them somewhere where they will dry in 2-3 days. No detergent in the water.

DS has 2 normal gloves and 2 Aqua ones for wet weather and they give him so much confidence.

Hope that helps! One glove are very good at doing offers on Twitter which is when I usually stock up! Definitely better having several pairs to rotate them as this will pay off in the long run!

starfleet Mon 08-Aug-16 13:06:44

SAHDthatsall - DS is also a goalkeeper (and for about the same timespan as your DS)

He has tried The One Glove keeper gloves - they did well and lasted almost a full season. The best ones so far through many years of trial and error have been the Aviata ones and Nike GK. He has some with finger spines, some without, wet condition gloves, all weather gloves and even a pair of winter gloves with some kind of fleece lining. At any one time probably about 4/5 pairs on rotation as he trains 3 weekdays and plays both Saturday and Sunday.

He usually uses the glove wash to clean them in the sink and I throw them into the machine for a quick spin before hanging in the airing cupboard for them to dry.

It has take some time to find the right ones that suit his style of play.

Kitbag also do a good range and can personalise gloves - they also have a very good customer services dept. We have been where you are 1million - he bought a pair of Adidas ones for approx £70 and they lasted about 2 weeks. Adidas refused to do anything about it and said it was classed as 'wear and tear'. We wouldn't recommend their gloves at all.

SAHDthatsall Mon 08-Aug-16 13:40:59

Aviatas aren't available in the UK though are they?

It's fun being kit man isn't it! As you say rotation is the key to longevity. I should've got him to clean his own gloves really - maybe it's time to start! It's such a relief when they have home school matches on the 3G and for training.., quick wipe over and job done :-)

starfleet Mon 08-Aug-16 15:59:15

You can buy Aviata in the UK from They are the ones DS prefers at the moment.

I do tell him that if he can't wash his own gloves they will go in the machine with the rest of his kit on a boil wash! That usually does the trick - especially since he started paying for them himself!

He tends to stick with all black gloves when he is playing on 3G - saves any cleaning which is always a bonus.

SAHDthatsall Tue 09-Aug-16 21:39:04

Wouldn't mind trying something different but still can't find Aviatas on great-save or am I blind?? smile Though the website does say they sell them but I can't find any listed!!

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