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Whitgift, Emmanuel or Trinity

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RoseyHill Thu 21-Jul-16 16:18:44

We have good things about all these schools; our preference is Whitgift but can anyone give me some guidance as to the pros and cons?

AveEldon Fri 22-Jul-16 06:53:02

Depends if you want single sex to 18, boys then coed from 16, coed all the way through
Journey is a consideration

Emanuel has a nice new bridge but a shabby swimming pool and basic building maintenance doesn't appear to be a priority

BigGreenOlives Fri 22-Jul-16 06:56:39

Check whether the Emmanuel list for 2017 is still open if you are looking for someone about to go into year 6.

AnotherNewt Fri 22-Jul-16 07:30:27

Emanuel looks a bit shabby in places because it is midway through building a new block. You'd have to go and look to make your mind up about whether it is well kempt (looks fine to me). Though as BigGreenOlives points out, they have already guillotined the list for 2017 entry, so it might all be academic anyhow.

I think it probably is a decision about coed, and in which years. Plus the journey to the school (is it easier for your DC to get to Clapham Common or Croydon?) and how important sibling policy is.

There are huge threads about entry to Whitgift and Trinity (an annual tradition on MN, and the prospective parents seem very chatty) which will tell you a lot about those schools and their entry procedures.

AnotherNewt Fri 22-Jul-16 07:34:45

I've just had a look on the Emanuel website. 10+ entry is still open for 2017, 11+ has closed, and 13+ has closed for both 2017 and 2018.

This is the most recent of the T and W threads I was thinking of:

schbittery Wed 27-Jul-16 01:04:32

Look for posts by Ladymuck she knows these schools very well and was very helpful on that thread. My ds got into both W and T (don't know anything about E) , we chose T as preferred the ethos there.

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