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Confused over Sats results

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Alfiemoon1 Thu 14-Jul-16 16:06:06

Just got ds sats report he has achieved as - achieved the standard on the test results page for all areas but on the teacher assessment he has reading exs -working at standard
Writing wts working towards
Maths hnm not met standard
Science exs working at standard

Which result is important? Why are they so different.? Ds hates English and I thought was really struggling with the new work and I thought he was stronger at maths

TeenAndTween Thu 14-Jul-16 21:44:41

It means that generally his teacher doesn't think he is at the required level for writing and maths, but that actually on the test days he did get enough marks to get >=100 on the maths, and actually his submitted writing pieces were good enough too.

Guessing that his maths mark was close to 100. If it was e.g. 110, then maybe his teacher is under estimating his ability.
With his writing, maybe he isn't consistent enough, but they could find pieces to submit where he had done well.

Delatron Fri 15-Jul-16 16:11:39

Seems a big difference between the SATS results and teacher assessment. You would normally expect it the other way around. My DS didn't do well in his maths SATS but the teacher assessment said he was working at the expected standard.

I thought these SATS were supposed to be quite challenging so if he got expected in the test but the teacher has marked him as HNM, this seems harsh/strange. I would be having a chat with the teacher.

MrR2200 Sat 16-Jul-16 06:02:12

The ones that count towards age-related expectations are the maths test, the reading test and the writing teacher assessment.

The maths, science and reading teacher assessment, as well as the grammar and spelling test, don't carry the same weight but give a bit of a steer to secondary schools. However, secondaries will do their own assessments.

In reading, the judgments match. The grammar, punctuation and spelling test is easier to pass than the writing assessment so this sounds right.

The only main discrepancy is maths but the teacher assessments are against the interim assessment framework which is 8 specific areas; the test is much broader. It's possible, for example, that your son isn't strong on using formulae which were worth very few marks in the test but is one of the 8 skills that he must be secure on in the TA.

At any rate, you're never going to get a perfect match between teacher assessment and test results and especially this year where the decision on the pass mark and the scale scores were made after the test. My TAs were very slightly lower than my test results but if the scale had been moved so that my 100s became 99s, I would have been too generous.

I suggest you ask for the scale scores and also which parts of the standard he hasn't met for maths and writing (although presumably this is written in the report?).

HouseAnxiety Sat 16-Jul-16 06:23:06

Google interim ks1 assessment framework. Or Ks2 if that's what you need.
To achieve exs in reading/writing/maths/science, your child must meet all the statements. There must be evidence for each one in his book.

HouseAnxiety Sat 16-Jul-16 06:25:08

If he achieved expected standard in the maths test, he was deffo capable of getting wt or exs in my opinion.

Hnm means he didn't meet the criteria for wts.

HouseAnxiety Sat 16-Jul-16 06:26:21

roguedad Sat 16-Jul-16 06:54:50

Having seen a number of official test results and teacher assessments for my own kids, I can firmly attest to the fact that several things can happen:

(a) kids only pull their finger out for the exams and do not bother in class
(b) they do well in class but do not bother or lose the plot in an exam
(c) a teacher may have no clue as to a kid's real ability.

I moved one child to another school after an appalling experience of (c) (fortunately it was an isolated problem) and have read several reports with examples of (a) and (b).

SisterViktorine Sat 16-Jul-16 07:09:14

There was no working towards for maths, just EXS or HNM

To be honest, teacher judgements were hard this year. According to my school's new assessment system none of my pupils (I have a small SEN class) met the standard for reading. I put them all in as HNM based on that. They then all passed the test.

I learned that my interpretation of the upper levels of our new school system have been too high. Maybe OPs school/ teacher did this for maths.

HouseAnxiety Sat 16-Jul-16 07:17:08

There is WTS in KS1 TA.

SisterViktorine Sat 16-Jul-16 07:23:02

Oh, sorry. I didn't realise that.

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