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fee77 Fri 04-Jun-04 17:24:25

I am a strapped for cash SAHM and am thinking of going in to home tutoring to get some money. I have tutored the odd child before and charged £20 an hour. Is this the going rate? If you were going to get a tutor for you dear little ones where would you look? And any other comments greatly appreciated.

popsycal Fri 04-Jun-04 17:34:36

I have tutored in the past - 4 years ago since I last did it - charged £15 per hour and that is 'up north'.....

Sorry I can't be any more help

frogs Fri 04-Jun-04 17:51:12

Where in the country are you, what subjects/age groups are you tutoring, and what are your qualifications/experience? All of these will affect the hourly rate you can reasonably charge.

Tinker Fri 04-Jun-04 17:52:40

I had a French tutor - £15 per hour. Again Up North.

jampot Fri 04-Jun-04 18:15:53

It's about £15-20 in Brum and surrounding. I would target schools with competitive parents preferably in an affluent area. Maybe even advertise for 2-3 children of similar abilities and hoike your price up to split between the families, ie. instead of £20 per child per hour, charge £45-50 for 3 children per hour. You're doing the same work in the same time and the parents think they're getting a bargain!!!

popsycal Fri 04-Jun-04 19:01:25

I am a primary trained techer who teaches a range of subjects to year 6

have a PCGE qualification and a degree.....been teaching 8 years now - 4 at the time of tutoring....also have other erm......(not qualifications but 'recognition' for english teaching....

in the north east

jampot Fri 04-Jun-04 19:18:52

Popsycal - techer X see me

popsycal Fri 04-Jun-04 19:22:51

I can spell
Just not type very well

popsycal Fri 04-Jun-04 19:23:46

hmmm - misread frogs post....she was asking fee77 not me pmsl!

fee77 Fri 04-Jun-04 19:32:49

lol popsycal!
i am in Havering (Grt London / essex). I have a B.Ed (hons.) in environmental studies (mmmm interesting!!!) and worked as a primary school teacher for 10yrs, so would teach maths and english up to yr 6 - i.e. SATS!
Like the idea of group sessions.
Affluent area and pushy parents shouldn't be a problem round here!

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