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DD freaking out about 6th form

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madmother1 Fri 08-Jul-16 08:16:46

DD has attended her induction week. She's been set quite a fair bit of work and is trying to get it done before going on her NCS and then the family holiday. She's told me that the teachers have been really negative and are trying to put everyone off by saying it's such hard work. She knows it's a big step up but now she's talking about college or an apprenticeship. I personally feel as she is predicted an A or an A* in GCSE in her chosen A level subjects, she'll be fine. Anyone else experiencing this or could offer advice.

Floggingmolly Fri 08-Jul-16 08:17:50

What work has she been set?

PurpleDaisies Fri 08-Jul-16 08:22:01

Is it at her current school? Sh could chat to the teachers of her chosen subjects for a bit of reassurance?

Lots of students underestimate how big a step A levels are (especially in science and maths) and aren't prepared for how hard they'll have to work. The school is trying to get out ahead of the problem and stop people coasting until Christmas then tanking in the mocks.

LIZS Fri 08-Jul-16 08:24:29

Ds had some reading to do before L6 but most had not done it by start of term if they ever did. It is a different way of thinking and working though.

wobblywonderwoman Fri 08-Jul-16 08:24:35

A Levels are a huge challenge but she will be able to submit coursework and module exams so it is paced better that it was back in the day for me. She will be fine

PurpleDaisies Fri 08-Jul-16 08:25:44

A Levels are a huge challenge but she will be able to submit coursework and module exams so it is paced better that it was back in the day for me. She will be fine

Not in many subjects-they are now linear. Science a levels examine the whole of the content at the end of the two years.

madmother1 Fri 08-Jul-16 08:46:14

Thanks for the replies. She's been set lots if essays, a book to read etc. As Purpledaisies had said, it's the change over year. So, she can't just leave after AS level as they do not exist now. Hopefully she'll change her mind. She's usually pretty organised and gets on with self learning normally. Also, she had to stay on in education until 18 at least.

madmother1 Fri 08-Jul-16 08:47:50

And yes, it's at her current school.

PurpleDaisies Fri 08-Jul-16 08:56:30

Could you get her to try it until Christmas and see then? The chances are she'll be fine but it seems less daunting than committing to a year.

AS levels do still exist, they have been decoupled from A2 so you just have to resit the whole content at the end of the course. Most schools aren't entering students for them at the end of year 12 because it is too expensive and they don't count for the final result. Science went linear this year and some students have been allowed to "transfer" to the AS course by sitting the exams in June and not carrying on with the subject in year 13 while the A2 people just sit mocks.

BobbinThreadbare123 Fri 08-Jul-16 08:57:10

As teachers, we try to stress that A Levels are going to require more work than GCSE; this is to be expected because it's a higher level. Maybe some of the teachers have been a bit OTT with this, and it's got her worried.

If she is a grade A type student who is organised and motivated, she will genuinely be fine in 6th form and will enjoy it. It's not unusual for high achieving girls to feel very panicky about being able to maintain the same standards, but they usually do once they settle in. There's an advantage to staying in the same school for some; you know the way round, know teachers etc.

madmother1 Fri 08-Jul-16 09:00:11

Thank you for your help Purpledaisies. I had lots of problems with her older brother. He left after the first year. But, he settled quickly into working life and is doing well. I just thought she'd be different. We've got a girlie day today, so I will chat with her over lunch.

madmother1 Fri 08-Jul-16 09:01:39

Thanks for your help.

PurpleDaisies Fri 08-Jul-16 09:05:05

As bobbin says, this sort of crisis of confidence is really really common (especially amongst conscientious female students).

Have a lovely day with her today. I'm sure it will all work out. Cake makes everything seem better...

madmother1 Fri 08-Jul-16 17:15:23

We've been to school today for a chat with a careers lady. She spoke to head of the 6th form. We're going for a meeting with her next week. She has indicated that my DD maybe csn just do 3 A levels. My DD feels much happier now. smile

Michaelahpurple Mon 11-Jul-16 20:38:43

I think three is considered plenty now

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