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End of year teacher gifts

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Mollmoo Thu 07-Jul-16 21:08:07

Can anyone suggest a nice idea for an end of year gift for my dds reception teacher. I was thinking I could bake a selection of cakes for the staff room (which is only used by that year group) so the TA's could enjoy them too. Would that be weird? Any other nice thoughts very welcome.

TheSandyAtom Sat 09-Jul-16 15:03:32

I think that sounds nice, if you are good at baking! (I wouldn't personally do this as my baking is horrible and would not be a treat for anyone grin).

Things I've done for various teachers over the years:

Hampers for staff room (teas / nice coffee / hot chocolate / decent tin of biscuits)
House plants
Bottle of wine (if you're confident that the teacher drinks)
Nice stationery (post it notes / pads / gel pens etc from Paperchase).

I tend to keep it fairly generic and impersonal so that I'm sure the gift will be used.

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