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Internet security in school

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ohisay Wed 06-Jul-16 19:51:36

My 7 year old has come home from school today and said that while using the computers at school "a picture of a man with his bits out" popped up.
It was a friend next to hers computer, she got my daughters attention and mine "clicked the cross and got rid of it"
It actually happened yesterday and for various reasons it seems they've both neglected to tell anyone about it until now! I've messaged the other child's mum to see what she knows of it, and will of course be going into school first thing in the morning!
This is an infant school! How on earth can this have happened?! I mean SURELY this should be impossible?!

admission Wed 06-Jul-16 22:09:27

There should be appropriate filters on the computers but they are not and never will be totally fool proof, so yes it can happen.
You clearly need to report this, so that the system can be interrogated to discover what the issue is. Is it that the filter system is at fault or is it down to the picture popping up on what should be an entirely suitable site.

noramum Thu 07-Jul-16 11:01:46

Speak to the school. They will have filters and checks in place but unfortunately they do not work all the time 100%.

DD had this, they used the BBC Bitesize page and due to external links one child was by accident directed to another side and while trying to go back ventured further on. He asked the teacher who sorted it out and the head reviewed the filters. Unfortunately the filter worked but the site was not picked up.

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