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Does 'emerging' mean inevitable failure? Any teachers?

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marsybum Sat 02-Jul-16 15:13:40

We've had dt's reports through today, they're just finishing year 8 and both have dyspraxia, ds is also high functioning autistic.

All apart from 1 subject (history) ds has emerging, one is expected. Dd has emerging for all except history and food, again expected for those 2.

Does this mean that obtaining the equivalent of a C at gcse will be beyond them? I'm very worried that without that magical c in English and maths they'll essentially be on the scrapheap after school is over. ..

I'm planning to contact the school on Monday to see if I can discuss it with the HOY but Ive been trying to get my head round it all. DS1 just floated through and came out clutching a handful of a's and a*'s without any great difficulty...

They did leave primary with 4's in the sats, so I was going that meant they had closed a bit of the gap ( in reception and yr 1 they were essentially written off as being unteachable, so only learnt to read and write properly in year 2, despite me trying to help them as much as I could)

They do have a scribe for exams as ds's writing is often completely illegible and dd's is bad under pressure, so the school is making allowances so I'm not sure what else they can do.

Any ideas/advice? Anyone in a similar situation - it seems from here and Facebook all other children in the world are above average and to be honest mine have exh's brains, they're lovely children but will never be professors at Oxford. ..

notagiraffe Sat 02-Jul-16 23:49:34

I have no idea what emerging means.
But can they type? if so, get them using laptops at school in yr 9 and they can the school can make a case for them to use them for all essay based subjects in GCSE exams. That could make a massive difference to how they express themselves. (DS2 is HFA and dyspraxic and uses laptops for humanities subjects.) Could be easier than working with a scribe.

Iamthegreatest1 Sun 03-Jul-16 20:43:22

I've no idea what 'emerging' means either. Could it be saying that they are starting to see that dt are quite capable in these subjects, more so than before , and so 'emerging' is quite exciting and positive? That's sort of how I read it.

Passthecake30 Sun 03-Jul-16 20:48:19

My ds has had this on a report, I see this as a polite phrase to rate the bottom section of the gets me riled up tbh, I'd rather they say it how it is and get him the support he needs.

LittleReindeerwithcloggson Sun 03-Jul-16 20:50:38

Speak to the teacher. Emerging means they haven't reached the level needed by the end of the year but it might not be by much. Expected means they have met the standard. The comments on the report should help you understand why but talking directly to the teacher is the best bet. Might be some simple things you can help them with over the summer

LittleReindeerwithcloggson Sun 03-Jul-16 20:53:12

Emerging-Expecting-Exceeding are usually used for Early Years grading but a lot of schools seem to be using them now the national curriculum levels have been taken away

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