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Might have made a mistake at appeal. . .

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Soappealing Sat 02-Jul-16 08:14:10

I had a school appeal yesterday. I was an in-year admissions for siblings in year 3 and 5. But I spent half the night worrying that I didn’t bring up something which might have won us the appeal. I’m a bit tired and emotional, but here are my thoughts.

We applied for schools at end of April moved into house on 1st May. I heard nothing from council, got strange info when I called in May saying application not received. So I emailed them for clarification. The council replied to say no places at school BUT did not provide details of how to appeal etc. I asked wise mumsnetters about this and was told it was contrary to the admissions code, but wouldn’t have any effect on appeal as it hadn’t prejudiced our case. But I was advised to mention it at appeal.

I did this and the admissions person at appeal admitted the councils fault and also explained that it hadn’t prejudiced the children’s chances as predicted.

But I just thought I think it might have. We applied at end of April and the appeal was yesterday. 3 weeks ago a place came up at school for DS. He was second on wait list with both applicants using the distance criteria. But if we had been informed of our right to appeal earlier, we could have started the process earlier and the appeal must be held within 30 days of application. If DD had won her appeal he would be placed on the waiting list according to sibling criteria and thus got this place. As the appeal was not held we have no means of knowing if she would have won, but it has nonetheless affected the outcome and is therefore maladministration?

Similarly, the admissions lady very kindly after the appeal came over to talk to us and mentioned that a place had become available in my DD’s year at the school today. But she had dropped down the waiting list from 1st to 4th. A sibling was in first place and they gained the place. But again, if we had appealed earlier and DS had won his appeal she might have been first on the waiting list yesterday (if we lived closer to the school than the other sibling). She would now be above the others on the waiting list as she would be under sibling criteria. Again we don’t know what the appeals panel might have ruled, but it has influenced the outcome of her school place.

Is there anything in this argument? Or do I just need to take a breath and concentrate on settling them into whichever school the appeal throws up??

Thanks once again for all your help and advice.

prh47bridge Sat 02-Jul-16 08:31:22

Unless you win one of your appeals the question is irrelevant.

If you win only one of your appeals it may be worth taking this up with the LGO to see what they make of it. I wouldn't like to predict the outcome. They may agree you have been disadvantaged, they may not.

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