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The Study school Wimbledon vs Thomas's Battersea

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user1467327601 Fri 01-Jul-16 00:29:48

My daughter has been offered a place at the Study. We are new to the area and do not know anything about the school apart from the fact that it has impressive results at 11+. Another thing to throw in the mix we also have been offered a place at co-ed Thomas's Battersea - completely different format of the school (large, co-ed, dynamic but would be much longer school run). It will be interesting to hear the thoughts of anyone with experience at either or both. My daughter is an August baby but very academic and loves art. She can be shy and sensitive with the new people. Also we are a bilingual family and therefore interesting to know how international each of these schools is. Thank you!

Noitsnotteatimeyet Sat 02-Jul-16 07:21:26

Which is closer? A much longer school run would be the deciding factor for me especially at primary age. We know children who've been at both and they've all turned out fine (now in early-mid secondary), however they do have different atmospheres - Thomas's is not a place I'd send a shy, retiring child ...

Neither is particularly ethnically diverse but in common with all London private schools there will be families from all over Europe and the states

If music is your thing the study's choir is very impressive

Needmoresleep Sat 02-Jul-16 09:36:00

Thomas' Battersea is not in the most accessible location. Look at both TfLs journey planner or Google maps, to work out journey times from Wimbledon in the morning rush. Remember you will be going in to town so public transport will be crowded. (And don't forget things like Wimbledon fortnight. A similar journey on Wednesday when play stopped early because of rain, took well over an hour.)

I agree with PP. Thomas' Battersea is not for the shy and retiring. As much is obvious to the many children who have played matches against them. It produces confident children who go on to great schools, but, given the journey, it would be my pick only if you feel your daughter would push at the boundaries in a smaller all-girls environment.

User1467327601 Sun 03-Jul-16 00:47:43

Thank you for all your replies! We will be in Wimbledon Park area, you are right journey time doesn't look good at all. Even though I quite liked Thomas's it looks like it will not be particularly good place for my shy introverted daughter. The study from the first glance does look more suitable. At the moment my daughter is at the local very small all girl prep school. It took us both a while to settle in as the school is more like a parent club who are very protective about their environment. I hope that the study school is more vibrant and open-minded.

eeyoresgrumpierfriend Tue 05-Jul-16 17:43:08

I'd focus on what you want to do at 11.

The Study seems to send about half of their girls on to either Surbiton or Sutton Highs with (presumably) it's top end heading off to Putney/Wimbledon High. Smattering to other day schools and then very few to boarding school.

Thomas' Battersea will have fewer children going off to a wider range of schools. I know the Clapham site better but its split tends to be 50/50 between day and boarding with the boarders staying on until 13.

So I think if you'd be happy with Putney/Wimbledon with Surbiton/Sutton fall back then go for the Study. If boarding might ever be an option then Thomas' keeps all your options. That said, it is not a school that I would commute for personally.

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