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Sports Day - clothing

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Lymmmummy Mon 27-Jun-16 12:11:00

Just been to my first sport - DC in reception
DC actually did very well got a few firsts and seconds so is not a sour grapes thing

But one admittedly v minor think I do think was unfair/unequal was that some children were allowed to take part whilst wearing v heavy bubble type coats and holding flags in their hand whilst others took part in just the standard t-shirt and shorts - perhaps putting on the coats was the individual children's preferences - which I think was probably the case - but obviously as an adult most of us know that doing most sporty things is better in lighter clothing as you can move more quickly and be less restricted. I notice the children in yr1 were all in the standard shorts and t-shorts - none were wearing coats. There was loads of hanging around time as 3 separate years were competing so it was not a case of rushing or anything and their not being time to take off coats

The day was also not cold or raining so I am just wondering why as a standard and very simple thing to do teachers did not as a matter of course just ask all children to remove coats put down anything they were carrying etc for the short space of time they were competing so all children were in an even footing in shorts and t-shirts - which I think would have been better - some fell over partly I think as the result of wearing too much clothing or having things in their hands making them unbalanced and it was quite sad

Like I say very minor just found it a bit odd -in future will just tell my DC take off your coat - and to be honest he is v sporty so was not very much hampered by it -I just thought it was odd that teachers did not just request all coats off.

bojorojo Mon 27-Jun-16 15:31:07

Never, ever, seen children doing any sport in a coat! How odd! What a strange thing that the teachers did not remove them! What did the other parents think?

Lymmmummy Mon 27-Jun-16 16:30:59

I didn't ask other parents probably felt it would have come across as me moaning because was my DC with one of the big coats on ~ though he did still win quite a bit

I just found it bizarre they were not told to remove coats/ anything they were holding as a matter of course before each race

So some kids had t-shirt and shorts others big costs on over them - just v weird and not consistent - obviously reception kids small so centre of balance affected by heavy coats etc some of the poor little ones fell

Glad at least one person thinks I am not made for thinking it was an issue

BackforGood Mon 27-Jun-16 18:51:37

I've never seen anyone competing in a coat either. Do you think maybe the teacher was distracted before the race and just didn't think to mention it ? But then, I don't understand why - before the next race - it wasn't said.
All a bit odd, but who wins which race at sports day is not really important, so I wouldn't fret about it.

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