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Nursery: beachborough vs winchester house

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Newtotheuk123 Sat 25-Jun-16 13:09:12

Hi all- we are moving to the area shortly and are looking for a nursery school for our 3 year old. We are probably going to send her 3 full days a week for now. I'm debating between winchester house and beachborough. They both look like great places but I'm looking for any personal insights out there. Our major concerns are open communication with teachers, a good environment for the kids that will help them develop for reception and a sense of community. On the community part we would be interested to hear anything about how much or little parent involvement might be present. We aren't looking to meddle but do enjoy participating to some extent in our child's education.

Also with the NEF funding there seems to be a reasonably large difference in price with winchester house being 3x the price of beachbrough for 3 full days a week.

Any insights are greatly appreciated!

bojorojo Mon 27-Jun-16 15:05:16

I don't think the fees are 3 X as much at WH - having just looked at the web site. They do not seem very different at all with maximum fees being very similar. Are you sure you have compared like with like? Certainly fees in the prep school are not widely different.

Winchester House probably is the premier prep for destinations and Beachborough tends to be more local.

Newtotheuk123 Mon 27-Jun-16 16:34:49

Sorry, let me clarify. On the website the prices are the same, however when you factor in how each school does accounting for the NEF funding, the amounts for 3 full days / week come out to approximately 280 GBP and 850-900 GBP per term.

Any additional thoughts on the schools are greatly appreciated!

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