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Rental period runs out before school place is allocated. What to do?

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WolverineInMarigolds Sat 25-Jun-16 10:39:37

We made an offer on a house which has now fallen through so we've rented a property for 6 months starting 24/6 and ending 24/12 to ensure that we're in catchment.

We will be submitting forms for DD2 in October 2016 to start in secondary school September 2017. Will have to send Tenancy Agreement in with school forms and Surrey LEA will see that tenancy ends in December. I think we get confirmation of a school place in March 2017.

She's currently at a private junior school in Surbiton. DH has been made redundant so we've had to rethink schooling for all 3 DD's. Decided to rent in West Horsley as The Howard has excellent reputation and we really liked the atmosphere when we walked round. DD3 (7) will hopefully be allocated a place at one of the local junior schools.

We're currently looking for another property to buy, but nothing on the market in our price bracket. We're not just looking to rent, get a school place and then bugger off out of catchment. Genuinely like the area and wish to remain there for long time.

My question is - should I speak to Surrey LEA and explain the situation? If we can't find something to buy before end of tenancy then we'd extend tenancy period.

Don't want to mess up at the final hurdle.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

prh47bridge Sat 25-Jun-16 18:24:57

You should definitely speak to the LA. If you don't you may end up being treated as a fraudulent application. If you are clear at this stage you will at least know how they will handle your application. Make sure you get their response in writing. If necessary email them to say, "From our conversation I understand..." as a way of getting it in writing. That way if they do something different you will have evidence you can use to show what they said.

PrincessIrene Sat 25-Jun-16 18:28:53

Have you confirmed that your tenancy will end and you will definitely leave on Christmas Eve? Renting doesn't have to end at the end of a six month period, you can roll on to remain there. If you don't find something in the next 6 months you could quite well still be there.

TheRealAdaLovelace Sat 25-Jun-16 18:32:48

what princessirene said. If you do not move out after 6 months and do not give or receive notice to quit, then your tenancy just continues.

WolverineInMarigolds Sat 25-Jun-16 19:26:50

Thanks so much for the replies. I read so much on here from people chancing their arm re: admissions / catchment area's that I've got my knickers in a twist!

We're genuinely trying to buy a house in the area. We've paid 6 months up front for rental as DH unemployed at the moment (although finger's crossed there may be employment on the horizon), and then there's a rolling 2 month break clause. We'll keep renting if we can't find somewhere to buy. Hoping that if our circs change and DH get's offered a job that we may be able to buy house we're renting. So we should remain static address-wise.

titchy Sat 25-Jun-16 20:03:54

What about the house you're in at the moment - is that a rental or do you own it?

WolverineInMarigolds Sat 25-Jun-16 20:28:16

It's a rental. But in different area. Long story short... we've had a shocker over the last 3 years. Classic squeezed middle. Trying very hard to claw our way back. Made some hard (but good) decisions regarding our circumstances. Hence change of location, houses, schooling etc.

sharksinthegrass Sun 26-Jun-16 08:50:55

We were in a similar situation. In our LA they said it counted on that being our only place of residence on the day the application was submitted not place allocated.

JoJoSM2 Sun 26-Jun-16 20:01:00

Or you could ask the landlord to phrase the contract slightly differently. Also, you might find somewhere in the next 3 months and at least be under offer when the application time comes.

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