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any ideas on 14+ exam content?

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hollypocks Mon 20-Jun-16 11:56:30

We are moving back to the UK from abroad and I'm trying to get a place for my son in a grammar school. He will need to sit the 14+ apparently and I've no idea on content. He had been at an international school and his English level is very good but would like to help prepare him for format more than anything. Anyone been in this situation? Many thanks

Ahwoo Tue 21-Jun-16 02:12:09

Have you tried asking the school? Sometimes they have past papers, if not for 14+ specifically, they may have for 13+, which would give you a rough idea of what they may ask in a slightly higher level paper.

You could also look at the websites of a few independent schools as they sometimes post past papers there too. That may give you a flavor of the content.

hollypocks Tue 21-Jun-16 20:22:46

Brilliant ideas, thank you so much. Off to goggle now!

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