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School different cultures

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Dylan2 Thu 16-Jun-16 00:01:58

My kids been telling me about school,girls picking on them,and one girl calling him names this has upset me ,what do you think I should do,

Luna9 Thu 16-Jun-16 06:45:11

Report it to the teacher or head teacher; this is bullying; not sure why your title is different cultures

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Thu 16-Jun-16 06:48:21

I think the OP is of a different culture and thinks this just part of school life in the uk and she shouldn't be upset.

When actually op, it's not part of school life it's bullying and it's fine to be upset and it needs to be reported to the school it's happening.

WellErrr Thu 16-Jun-16 07:16:43

What's the culture aspect?

But yes, tell the teachers.

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