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Mariep25 Sun 12-Jun-16 17:29:38

Any parents who were so lucky to have their sons admitted at Harrow, Eton, Charterhouse, etc... . How did your children get prepared? What did work?

happygardening Sun 12-Jun-16 18:09:20

Do you mean for the pre test for those you mentioned?
DS2 did little preparation, most schools interview and ask applicants to sit an exam(s) of some sort, usually NVR, VR, math write a composition it depends on the. school many say you can't prepare or there is little preparation a reference is also taken from the current school this can be quite influential.

IndridCold Sun 12-Jun-16 19:13:39

I notice your other thread where you mention your son is going to Caldicott. If this is the case you shouldn't need to do anything other than let the school know your intentions and let them get on with it. Any extra tutoring on top of that is probably a waste of time and money.

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