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Nurturing state secondary school in Coventry?

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YouAreMyRain Fri 10-Jun-16 18:45:42

I'm looking for a secondary school in Coventry that is very nurturing with outstanding pastoral care.

I'm thinking of relocating and have a DD who is very vulnerable socially. She has anxiety and mild learning difficulties. She doesn't currently have an EHCP so wouldn't qualify to get into special provision.

Somewhere that has a base where vulnerable children can choose to be supervised at break times would be great. As would a school with a strong team of learning mentors.

The area in Coventry isn't too important as I would either choose to live close to our chosen school, or sort out transport (DD would get priority for school place for other reasons)


Grumpysfirstwife Mon 13-Jun-16 20:14:42

Ive heard good things about Ash Green School but I don't have any personal experience. I'm a Governor at another high school and this is one that is frequently mentioned in a more positive light.

I would telephone the schools you are interested in (read the usual dashboard, ofsted, good schools guide and make a list etc) and have a chat with them.

Its very difficult to recommend somewhere without knowing lots of information about a person. For example my eldest DS's school would not be right for my DD but it really suited him down to the ground. My DD's school would have completely failed my 2nd DS because of his complex needs and theyre poor in that area of provision.

All schools offer something different for each chid and you wont know if its suitable until you approach them. Good luck.

YouAreMyRain Mon 13-Jun-16 20:26:13

Thanks Grumpy, I just need to narrow stuff down a bit before I start ringing round I think.

Jimjamjoos Tue 14-Jun-16 05:51:43

You need Blue Coat C of England school. Great reputation and resources for SEN pupils, as well as mainstream pupils. The school exists in its own bubble really; the pupils are very protected.

YouAreMyRain Tue 14-Jun-16 10:56:59

Thanks jimjam

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