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Downsend or City of London Freemens?

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Parky22 Thu 09-Jun-16 21:44:00

We like both for our DD possibly (hopefully) entering at Y3. She loves drama, art, sport. She is not top of the class but tries hard and enjoys learning. We just want her to be happy in a nurturing school.
Any thoughts?

homebythesea Fri 10-Jun-16 07:47:47

Freemans has the obvious advantage of being "all through" so going there will avoid the pain of common entrance exams at 11 or 13. They are notoriously fickle when it comes to entrance later on down the line so if you can see her fitting in at CLFS for the duration I'd bite their hands off (and I'm an ex Downsebd parent!)

charlstraw Fri 10-Jun-16 22:55:16

CLFS I think so the Pre-U qualifications which really push the students when they reach sixth form.
Have you looked at Hampton?

homebythesea Fri 10-Jun-16 23:29:40

Hampton is boys only- OP has a daughter!

charlstraw Sat 11-Jun-16 00:30:22

Woods. Lady Eleanor Hollis is good too.

HappyOneTLO Fri 17-Jun-16 17:43:54

To be honest neither is known (in my circles at least!) for being a nurturing school. This is just my opinion but if I wanted a school to 18, I would go for Freemens. If I wanted to make a choice for secondary school when my child was a bit older I would opt for one of the small prep schools then decide what was best for my child at 11. Good luck!

homebythesea Fri 17-Jun-16 22:27:33

Totally disagree happyone re Downsend. Pastoral care was really good for both my children

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