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Maths tutor near haslemere

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Juicyfruit50 Mon 06-Jun-16 16:02:05

Hi can anyone help ... Dd is nearly 14 and due to having a difficult year at school is a little behind with her maths. She even can't seem to remember her times tables when quizzed! It's never been her strong subject and we did do a little tutoring in year 6 on the advice of the school. Ive done a shout out in our local area for recommendations but not had anything back ... It appears that good tutors are like babysitters .. Work on word of mouth!
I think she'd really benefit from some 1:1 to build up her confidence but I'm not sure where to start looking! I don't really want to go through an agency but may have to if I can't come up with something...does anyone have any experience with agencies or anyone local know of any tutors? Help would be greatly appreciated ... Oh and I've tried doing revision with her but it's not my strong point either and I think I'm hindering, not helping!!😁

charlstraw Fri 10-Jun-16 22:57:13

They are impossible to find. Her current school would be the best place to ask, other parents or teachers will know.

Pythonesque Fri 10-Jun-16 23:34:30

Would you be able to consider skype-based tutoring? I have considered setting myself up to be able to offer it - PM me if you are interested.

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