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Blast from the past.

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jabed55 Sun 05-Jun-16 10:17:20

I have borrowed an e mail address for this because it seems MN is not allowing new registrations. I do not recognise many names - but names change across time, not necessarily posters.

Some may recognise my name. I was here back in 2011.

Just thought I would pop back (hated by some though I was). My lad
(Precious First Born, as some called him, or in my case only child) is now coming up to 10. Still doing the music. Well advanced on three instruments now. Two years advanced above his age in school academically. We chose a small school. It seemed best for him. But I just wanted to share that he has got his first part in a national stage production (acting). OK not a big deal but one of one hundred nationally chosen.

I often wonder what happens to peopleand their children. I hope others feel the same, hence the update.



SAHDthatsall Mon 06-Jun-16 12:44:10

You've mis-spelled Blast... there should be an 'o' instead of the 'l'...

pepperpot69 Tue 07-Jun-16 22:41:53

SAHDthatsall jealousy is a most unpleasant trait. If jabed55 's DC has done well at something then surely as fellow mums (parents) we can recogNisthe pride in this and celebrate it with them accordingly instead of being unkind?
They may not have got off to a good start on MN but hey let's live and let live and celebrate the good things in life. (Please..?)

Well done to your DC jabed55 I hope it all works out well for you both.

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