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Schools in Heathfield (East Sussex)

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firestorm Tue 01-Jun-04 11:03:51

we may be moving to the heathfield area next year & i was wondering if anyone had any info on local schools? (or the area in general) my youngest will be starting school sept 05 but we will not be moved in time for the admissions process, so will only be able to apply for a school that is not generally oversubscribed to have a hope of getting in. either that or hope that our prefered school has places for her & my 5 year old (who would then be year 2) unfortunately the school in the area im hoping to buy a house is oversubscribed so there would be no point applying there. we currently have to drive to school & i was really hoping to go to a school within walking distance this time.
ive read ofsted reports on all the schools & they seem good, but i was wondering if anyone had any pearls of wisdom they could offer me?

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