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Are there any parents of children at Tudor Grange Academy in Worcester on MN?

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WorcesterMumof3 Mon 30-May-16 17:09:47

I have a child starting there after half term (she'll be in year 7) and she doesn't know anyone at all yet. She really liked the school when she looked round and is looking forward to it.

WorcesterMumof3 Mon 30-May-16 20:34:57


WorcesterMumof3 Mon 30-May-16 20:35:47

PM me if you don't want to post online

chocdonutyy Mon 30-May-16 20:40:50

I don't but have friends who go there, is the the Redditch one? If so the intake has dropped really significantly to the point they simply can't offer the full curriculum properly.
A lot of patents are not happy with the situation tudor grange have forced upon the school ( changing to a two tier when the rest of Redditch is three tier).
On the other hand I know of at least one parent is really happy and most kids seem fine 😀

WorcesterMumof3 Mon 30-May-16 20:42:41

No, it's the Worcester one which is quite new.

chocdonutyy Mon 30-May-16 21:09:16

Ultimately it's your child's happiness that's the important thing so if she's happy then that's the best thing :-)
I would say to do your research though on the school and the head, I know it's Redditch so a different school but same group and worth a read!

WorcesterMumof3 Mon 30-May-16 22:12:53

Thank you choc. Worcester has the opposite problem though - it's the most oversubscribed state school here.

WorcesterMumof3 Tue 31-May-16 13:49:08


sassytheFIRST Tue 31-May-16 13:54:08

Worcester one was the worst sec in the city for years. Has had a lot of money pumped in and the buildings and facilities are now amazing. Catchment is the same though, so you can expect lots of children with social issues etc, high SEN intake etc. I teach in a high school in the next town and tbh wouldn't touch Tudor myself.

WorcesterMumof3 Tue 31-May-16 17:54:47

Sassy - that's not very helpful. I have already said that she's starting after half term and I wanted people to give me advice on the school as it is now, not when it was Elgar High School years ago! Bishop Perowne used to be well thought of and now people don't want their child to go there. Schools change in spite of the catchment. The catchment area for Tudor Grange is not rough anyway.

sassytheFIRST Tue 31-May-16 19:31:34

No, you're right, not helpful. I actually misread your OP and tried to report my post when I subsequently realised what you were after. I hope she's happy there.

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