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Rockport school or Campbell College Junior school

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kakirice Sat 28-May-16 09:59:25

Hi, I am newly single and my son and I are moving to Belfast this summer. I am considering renting in Holywood (buying will be in the very distant future!). I visited once and it seems to have everything we would need to make a new life.
My six year old DC's grandmother has offered to pay for private school. Given that the split with my husband is recent, I want a nurturing environment for a little boy, who can be quite introverted and silent. Since joining reception (a class of 15-compared with 26 in his previous class-with a teacher and a TA!) at a private school in the UK, he has blossomed and is growing in confidence. His school has been especially mindful of the extra support he needs at a pastoral level.

I have looked at both Campbell College Junior school and Rockport School. Both seemed lovely and I find it difficult to decide. Campbell seems to have a quite a sporty reputation, and DS is not sporty, but does like a bit of rough and tumble like any boy. I would love to know if anyone has a child at either place OR know someone who does. The schools must have a reputation locally (I don't mean simply academically), and I would really like to know what people think or have heard (whether based on fact or rumour!).
Just a bit of background: I have lived in the UK for almost a decade and over 12 years in the States. Originally, I am from County Monaghan in the Republic. I am fairly adaptable and am hoping for a new start, but if my son isn't happy, then as you mums (dads) know, I won't be either. The principals at both institutions seemed very welcoming, which I am hoping is reflected in the student body. Any advice would be appreciated.

If you don't feel comfortable posting your comments in public, then please message meSorry for the long-windedness. Lack of quality sleep is most likely to blame! Thanks for any help.

laganlookout Tue 31-May-16 10:14:35

Campbell College is my local school but I didn't send DS there. There is an undertone of it being a wealthy man's way of getting into a grammar school (they accept much lower scores in AQE than other grammars, fees are more than double though) There have been quite a few sexual abuse scandals there too (the latest being in 2015).

I went to school with a few ex-Rockport pupils (they didn't go up to GCSE age at that stage) It is the only independent school in NI and I believe prepares for common entrance. I understand that there are quite a high number of forces children that attend. Due to the very high fees I would assume that the children are from very middle class backgrounds (as were the girls I knew that attended) whereas children who go to prep schools (like Cabin hill) are often fairly ordinary families scraping to send their children. Rockport have a very long day as homework is completed after school, I think they finish at 5/5.30pm?

There is Sullivan prep in Holywood, have you looked into that?

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