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Reception Wimbledon in 2016

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FSGA Thu 26-May-16 09:41:23

Hallo all,

We are looking for a reception school in Wimbledon. We are in the shortlist for Donhead and Willington. We are really not sure what to choose. We have few days and a lot of doubts... Any recommendations from your side? Thanks a lot for any suggestion!!!

DrE678 Thu 26-May-16 21:39:13

Have you been to see both as they have a very different feel. My DS is at Willington although not long until he will be off to Senior School. My NDN's DS is starting reception in September. We love it and it was absolutely the right choice for DS. It's a very caring school and has great pastoral care. DS is bright and has been really stretched by the school. He's a bit of an all rounder though so has made the most of various sports and clubs. I also have friends who have used Donhead and been happy.

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