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Schools (and more) in Fiveways north Brighton area

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upthegardenpath Sat 21-May-16 16:47:55

Curious to know what experience others have had of this area really, especially as regards state primary schools, state secondaries (Varndean & Dorothy Stringer) and how the 'vibe' (sorry, horrible term, but don't know which else to use), compares to London.
I'm in London currently, DC in primary, very fed up of bad behaviour in this current school class but not a hope in hell of getting them into a better school locally, anytime soon...also tired of living in tiny cramped accommodation with arse for a neighbour upstairs and weed smokers next door.
Basically, like many Londoners who are not rich but have a bit put aside, we are desperate for a garden we can actually swing a cat in, a house rather than another flat, some good local state schools and a sense of community around us, with friendly families.
Also very important to us - being close to countryside and coast, so we can easily go out at weekends and explore the things we love, without traipsing 2 hours through London traffic.
Have friends and family dotted about the country, but would like to stay South and not far from London, as main family is here too.
I've heard that Fiveways could tick a lot of these boxes, but have never been. My experiences of Brighton are both good and bad, but I'm guessing that being out of the city and in the outskirts, is very different.

Please enlighten me smile

upthegardenpath Sat 21-May-16 17:19:31


tinkitonki Sun 22-May-16 00:30:15

Hi I can't help with specifics but just to make you aware the council are consulting on changes to secondary schools in Brighton and Hove just now.
Not clear what it will look like yet but catchment areas for schools look set to move and possibly the admission priorities and allocations process (lottery for over subscription vs home to school distance is up for debate).
Something to think about as currently all the proposed options would see Varndean and Dorothy Stringer split into different 'catchments'.
Worth bearing in mind if you were moving for one in particular in the near future.

upthegardenpath Sun 22-May-16 11:24:49

Thans tinki that is very good to know. I wonder when those results will be published. I suppose over subscription has forced the hand of many councils and schools, in an effort to try and make some sense of this crazy school admissions we have in the UK!
Do you happen to have a link to any info please?
Thanks again smile

tinkitonki Sun 22-May-16 20:05:40

There's some stuff about it on the Brighton and Hove school admissions pages on the council website but the formal consultation doesn't start until this Autumn with a view to changes being implemented for school entry in 2018.
A new secondary is planned for one of 2 possible sites so I suspect a lot hinges on where that actually is (2 possible sites).
Depends on when secondary becomes an issue for you, but if you need to move for 2018 entry tread carefully

upthegardenpath Mon 23-May-16 09:53:59

Thanks Tinki will have a read.

How bloody annoying that these changes may happen just as we are possibly moving for secondary. Argh. Can't see many people opting for the last two options myself. I know it's really hard to get into a good school but at least with one school having its own catchment, we all know where we stand! Everything else just seems to muddy the waters even more and create confusion. At least for my poor, flu-ridden brain today anyway...

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