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Maharishi school Skelmersdale

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user1463172942 Fri 13-May-16 22:07:16

Can anyone tell me anything about this school?

I liked the look of it for dd who will start reception in September. However I had heard it was oversubscribed and did not want to 'waste' 1 of our 3 choices on a school we probably wouldn't get. The schools we are in catchment for aren't great and we tried to apply to those in other areas that we though we had a good chance of getting in.

So we have been offered a place at our 3rd choice school which is decent but I would have preferred Maharishi.

Today I have seen an advert for Msharishi saying that they still have places for Sep. I want to go for it but DP is suspicious as to why it's gone from very oversubscribed to undersubscribed.

Can anyone tell me anything???


Abuelita Sat 14-May-16 11:24:05

Have a look at the Ofsted report. It judged Maharishi Good but criticised the Early Years: 'In the Early Years Foundation Stage, some learning activities are not stimulating enough to make sure children always make rapid progress.'
But that was in 2013 and could have improved since then. You would need to visit and discuss this with the school.
Maharishi admits 18 children into reception. If the school still has vacancies, then this suggests it was undersubscribed for September.

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