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Scotland - School 157ft away is not catchment school.

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FuckOffJeffrey Wed 11-May-16 11:01:25

Ok I know I might be I am getting a little ahead of myself. DD is currently in P2 at our lovely local primary school. She is very happy there and we like our area and our house. We moved here 3 years ago from another part of the city and a big part of this was to do with the local schools (also more house for our money as further away from city centre).

The problem is with our catchment secondary school. I just assumed the the secondary school across the road from us (157 ft according to google maps) would be our catchment school but no. It appears our catchment school is 1.9 miles away (as the crow flies but actually longer due to akward bus route - bus there takes 35 mins non rush hour and about 55 mins in rush hour) and to be honest it is not a great school.

I have recently found all this out as I was talking to my neighbour who's DS is due to start there in August. I know most the neighbour children do go to the non catchment school and it looks like currently all children from DD's primary school do get in with a placing request. I think that's why I didn't initially check that it was actually the catchment school or not. Silly me, I know.

Now the issue I have is should we stay put and hope that in 5 years time things will still be the same and DD will get into the school across the road or do we move to another house within catchment or move elsewhere with equally good schools?

I know there are some big housing developments underway (1.3 miles away) that will fall under the catchment area for the school across the road. There is every chance in 5 years time the school will not have spaces for any placing request children (even if they live 157ft from the school and can look right into some of the classrooms from the living room window).

If we do decide to move areas when do you think is best?

I'm thinking P6 so DD should have a couple of years to make new friends before moving to secondary school.

dementedpixie Wed 11-May-16 18:39:52

In a few years maybe they will have changed the boundaries. The school my dd goes to is not our catchment school but is closer than the other. In the last few years just about everyone at her old primary has done a placing request to go to the out of catchment school - 58 of them went last year! (Dd was one of them). In a couple of years we will do a placing request for ds to go there too

FuckOffJeffrey Wed 11-May-16 19:27:52

I am really hoping the change the boundaries by then but I think the issue is by moving the boundary closer to the actual school it would leave a lot of houses with no catchment school. At the moment it's the area south of my house for about 2 miles that go to the secondary across the road and our school is 1.9 miles north of our house. The boundary is based on an old school that closed 10+ years ago and was replaced by this one.

I think I will reassess when DD is in P5 and decide the best thing to do.

prettybird Wed 11-May-16 22:24:36

Have you actually asked the secondary school whether they can usually accept placing requests? You may find that you don't need to move.

I think it's King's Park Secondary in Glasgow that now has the anomaly, due to changes in its feeder primaries, that its own janitor's house is not "in catchment" confused. In practice though, placing requests are accepted.

We did a placing request to a school which gets good results (Shawlands Academy) and didn't have any problems getting in. Ds has to walk 20 minutes to school - as opposed to 15 minutes to what would've been his catchment secondary.

prettybird Wed 11-May-16 22:30:21

Sorry - didn't absorbed your OP fully. Even so, having been involved in a recent consultation re changes in boundaries, if you're in Glasgow, most of the schools aren't close to capacity (even if their handbooks suggest that they are) so placing requests can be accommodated.

Not sure what the case is in other cities.

prettybird Wed 11-May-16 22:37:41

Oh - and I don't think you need to worry about moving in P6, to "give time to make new friends". Although there were a few other kids from ds' primary who also went to his secondary on placing requests, most almost all of his friends are "new" friends made at secondary.

FuckOffJeffrey Thu 12-May-16 19:25:45

Prettybird we are in Glasgow (also southside - waves) but the school in not one of the ones you have mentioned. At the moment I believe all children from DD's primary school do get in on placing request but it is not a feeder school for that particular secondary. I think my fear is the new houses currently being built and the fact another large site will also be developed into houses in the next couple of years. I just hope the school won't be full by the time DD is due to go.

prettybird Thu 12-May-16 22:53:58

Might be Hillpark that has the janitor's house not even in catchment (I'm always getting Hillpark and King's Park mixed up blush).

Closer to the time, I'd advise going to check out the schools - we went and had a look at Shawlands when ds was in P6 to confirm that we were making the right decision putting in the placing request (I'd already done loads of research).

Due to ds' involvement with the local rugby club, he's got friends at lots of the South side schools (and a few North side ones) and I've got to know their parents too. It certainly gives you an alternative perspective. grin

FuckOffJeffrey Fri 13-May-16 00:27:56

Our old house was actually in the catchment for Shawlands Academy (and Holyrood) and I would have been happy to send DD to any of those but the catchment primary school was the issue. The year before DD started school I had two friends both refused placing requests for thier DC one for Langside primary and the other for Shawlands primary. They were both really unhappy with the local school that they got placed in. We had to move from our flat to something bigger anyway as we only had one bedroom, so we decided to move out the area to make sure we were in catchment for a good primary school.

It's reassuring to hear that placing requests do seem to be OK for secondary and it's definetly something worth considering. We are also thinking moving to East Ren could be an option in a few years as they do have great schools but the house prices shock put me off.

prettybird Fri 13-May-16 09:36:28

Yup - there are a couple of the primary schools that ds noticed hadn't given "their" pupils a good foundation at secondary.

He had an excellent foundation at his primary - which turned out to be our catchment primary even though it's not the closest primary confused

Good luck.

BTW - I can thoroughly recommend Shawlands Academy. Ds is flourishing there (and will be getting good results in the Nat 5s he's currently sitting) and I love the way that they don't just encourage the academic side but they're also very supportive of sports, arts and music as well as extra-curricular/volunteering activities like DofE and the Saltire Award.

TaIkinPeace Fri 13-May-16 19:17:47

School catchment boundaries are strange things.
Here in southern England the school bus picks up from the driveway of one school to take kids to a different one four miles away (both non selective).

GirlsWhoWearGlasses Mon 16-May-16 16:44:32

I wouldn't risk it. I'm aware of quite a few people who have had a placing request for Secondary turned down this year. The population has been rising for the past decade and that is starting to impact at Secondary level. Of course, a school can change significantly in 5 years, so your catchment school may be looking much better by the time you come to make the decision. Glasgow's schools are definitely on the up, some more quickly than others, so the picture may change.

arny15 Mon 16-May-16 16:49:56

I intend to move to Edinburgh permanently with my son next year from New York City he will be 16 and would like to enroll him in a school there what advice can any body give me. We are both UK citizen but have been living in New York for many years.

museumum Mon 16-May-16 16:59:39

We nearly got caught out with catchments in Edinburgh. Nearly offered on a house before realising the catchment primary was 1.5mi away in the direction away from the city centre (our works) and not the lovely one about 50m away we assumed it would be!!!

Not sure the situation in Glasgow but in Edinburgh most good secondaries are full or nearly full already so I wouldn't risk waiting and hoping on an out of catchment place.

prettybird Mon 16-May-16 17:18:21

Glasgow isn't as bad as Edinburgh. Placing requests (with the exception of Jordanhill) are usually successful - even at secondaries that get good results. The ones that are difficult to get into are the East Ren and East Dunbartonshire schools - essentially similar to the "good" Edinburgh schools but due to the silly Glasgow boundary, are outside the city boundary in the "nice" suburbs.

Disclaimer: there are nice suburbs within Glasgow wink- but it's a much more mixed demographic.

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