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If 1/6th of entrants into a state GS came from the private sector (non-London)- would you consider that disproportionate?

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Draylon Fri 29-Apr-16 19:06:10

Just looking at the entry stats for a local-ish GS. Interestingly they now have a catchment, as I know that not that long ago they had 'reasonable travelling distance', not catchment. I know of 2 DC who then travelled 1.5 hour in each direction to go! Mum drove. 6 hours in her car every day, but she was 'saving' £30k pa in private fees I guess!

Approx figures:

325 applied for 150 places.
11+ pass-mark was 70%.
50% passed

Looked after: 0
In catchment passes: 95
FSM offers: 0
Sibling policy: 10
Geographical distance from school: 45 (furthest 19 miles)
Waitlist: 13 (all on the distance criteria)

Number accepted from private schools: 30

All interesting stats, maybe the one that hits me is why only 325 applied seeing as a 35-40 mile across 'catchment' would get you in! And actually pleased at the honesty of the school in revealing this final figure, although, of course, you'll never reliably know how many were heavily tutored.

Apart from the curiosity value of these figures, do you think 1/6 from the private sector is par for the course; or maybe, in London 75% is more usual, but in Kent and Bucks it's 10%? (both my guesses!)?

I don't know!

Drinkstoomuchcoffee Fri 29-Apr-16 20:08:32

Actually 30/150 is 1/5. grin

Draylon Fri 29-Apr-16 20:23:12

Finger trubble! Sorry!

FanDabbyFloozy Fri 29-Apr-16 21:58:33

If this is London, i would think that at last there is a school that isn't over subscribed 10:1. Lucky you..

On the private school side, it's hard to know without knowing the area, but given that it's not a very selective school, it hardly seems extreme that you get a concentration from one school.

These things are also self-fulfilling - parents pass on good news about a school to others, encouraging more to apply.

Not really sure what you are hinting tbh.

ChalkHearts Sat 30-Apr-16 08:17:06

Only 325 applicants for a grammar school is incredibly low.

So something is putting off most people from applying.

I'm guessing private school pupils get in because more apply because more of them know about the school and the timescales for applying.

Im still amazed that where I live how few locals apply for a grammar school that is just one bus ride away. Lots of the pupils there are from private schools - because they are the ones who apply!

Ladymuck Sat 30-Apr-16 10:43:45

Why do you think that in London grammars 75% come from private primaries? Looking at Sutton, which has 5 grammar school, with over 800 spaces, I'm not sure that there would be enough private primaries locally to have 600 candidates to sit (let alone 600 candidates of superselective ability). Whilst some pupils may go to independent schools at secondary as a "back-up" plan, for many families the independents are first choice. Having had children at 3 prep schools, all of whom had pupils sitting for the Sutton grammars, the vast majority of pupils remain in the private sector at senior level.

So in terms of knowing whether the 1/5th from private schools is normal or not, I suspect it would depend on what senior independent schools are available locally. A grammar may well have better facilities and teaching than an independent. All depends on the schools in question.

TeenAndTween Mon 02-May-16 22:03:55

Hi Draylon. <waves> I just looked at the nearest grammar school I know of and I'm guessing we are looking at the same one. Not London.

Certainly from our area, people could travel that distance/time but generally wouldn't bother as there are good comps nearby, so you would need to be very convinced that the grammar/single sex was desired.

And for the private schools, again, I think round us people perhaps more go for private on principle (and thus stay private for secondary) rather than private prep to get into grammar (because we don't have grammars immediately in our town).

What I don't know is what the other local options are to this school.

Draylon Tue 03-May-16 12:06:12

The girls' SM is very good, the boys' and most of the co-eds- not so much.

Interestingly the private options are a bit sparse - one fairly major league girls' one, a Christian coed, and nothing for boys.

LadyMuck, you say :'Why do you think that in London grammars 75% come from private primaries?' - but, to clarify, in my OP, I said 'Apart from the curiosity value of these figures, do you think 1/6 from the private sector is par for the course; or maybe, in London 75% is more usual, but in Kent and Bucks it's 10%? ( both my guesses! )? '- I didn't state 75% as fact!

SalmonMaki Fri 06-May-16 08:37:56

I heard an interview on the radio last year where the Head teachers of 2 grammars (one boys', one girls') said that overall, 20% of their combined intake is from private schools. Sad but true.

Which actually didn't surprise me because there are lots of private schools around here (expensive South East town).

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