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justalittlelemondrizzle Wed 27-Apr-16 16:45:07

Apologies if I am not posting this in the right place. But I see this as pretty educational.
Looking for penpals for my dd's. Do people still do this? If so, how and where can Penpals be found?

Leeds2 Wed 27-Apr-16 18:08:27

If you let us know the ages of your daughters, and some of their interests, someone on here might have a DC interested.

justalittlelemondrizzle Wed 27-Apr-16 18:20:13

Good idea.. DD1 is 8 and loves singing, drama, swimming, history, writing 'books', riding her bike and brownies
DD2 is 7 and loves shopkins, her heelies, dancing, playing out, trampolining and brownies.

Leeds2 Wed 27-Apr-16 20:26:46

I hope you find someone! I used to have loads of pen pals when I was that age and loved getting their letters. Mine all came from magazines, but I don't think that is the done thing anymore!

irvineoneohone Wed 27-Apr-16 21:13:50

Me too! I used to have pen pals through magazines at that age.
I asked my ds(8) if he was interested, but unfortunately he said no.
I hope you find somebody. I'm sure you will.

StrictlyRioja Thu 28-Apr-16 11:14:32

Have you looked at - I don't have personal experience of it but I remember somebody who worked in a school talking about it.

justalittlelemondrizzle Thu 28-Apr-16 11:49:40

Yes I found mine in magazines too, all those years ago. Things have changed a lot since then.
Rioja - I found that website but it just didn't feel right for some reason.

morningtoncrescent62 Thu 28-Apr-16 15:17:58

Wow, this took me back. I used to love getting letters from penpals. I got my first ever penpal (in New Zealand) through an outfit called International Friendship League in the early 1970s. I just googled it, and believe it or not, they're still going and they still have a penpal service.

International Friendship League penfriends

I corresponded with my New Zealand friend from the age of 8 or so until we left school - when we first got in touch, a stamp for a letter to the other side of the world cost one shilling and threepence, then with decimalisation went up to 9p which my mum thought was outrageously expensive. We're now Facebook friends, though we've never met. I also had other penfriends, more local ones, through magazines, but as PPs have said, I can't imagine that happens any more.

BYOSnowman Fri 29-Apr-16 11:10:34

Is your dd year 3 or 4?

TeddyBear7 Fri 29-Apr-16 13:23:30

No personal experience but you could look at Amazing Kids:

or International Pen Friends (IPF) - has been going for a long time. Don't know the URL but you could Google it.

justalittlelemondrizzle Fri 29-Apr-16 14:35:53

Shes in y3 Snowman. Dd2 is in y2

ABitAsleep Wed 15-Jun-16 11:53:40

I might be a little late to post now? I don't know if you've found anyone? might be an option for you, it's worth looking in to. The idea is that you send and receive postcards to and from all over the world, but generally not to the same person more than once, unless you both choose to.

I have seen a few children on their in my time (and even whole school classes as a project). I have made a few penpals through their too that i have now been writing regulaly to for a few years (In America, Sweden and Russia).

It could be fun for your children to try smile Let me know if i can tell you any more

leannemillward Tue 15-Nov-16 20:40:52

hi justalittlelemondrizzle not sure if you daughter is still looking for a penpal. my daughter is 7 and also in shopkins, goes to beavers and loves singing and dancing. let me no my daughter will be pleased x

Sezza27 Sat 26-Nov-16 22:28:19

My daughter is 6 and in year 2 at school. She is interested in having a PenPal. She goes to Karate, swimming and Beavers and loves reading and art/craft.

leannemillward Sun 27-Nov-16 18:02:59

hi sezza27 my daughter is 7 in year 3 and would love a penpal. where abouts are you from please? smile

Sezza27 Tue 07-Feb-17 21:02:34

Hi leannemillward,
So sorry. I've only just seen your post. 😲
We're in Essex.

Mummy9876 Sun 17-Sep-17 19:02:56

Hi my daughter is 12 and would love a pen friend. Really unsure as to what sites to trust tho.

Allthebestnamesareused Sun 17-Sep-17 19:12:34

I am still in touch with my penpal that I started writing to when I was 7 - I am nearly 53 - although we email now!

She is American and the daughter of a colleague of my Dad's based at one if their US offices.

If you or your partner have any international ties at work perhaps try there. Or even ask the school?

lolalotta Sun 17-Sep-17 21:14:15


llynnnn Fri 22-Sep-17 12:00:20

My daughter is 8 and would love a pen pal...she's in year 4 loves music, dancing, gymnastics, minecraft, reading, craft. If anyones dc would be interested please send me a pm smile

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