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Camberley Secondary Schools

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LW2004 Mon 25-Apr-16 09:14:57

Help needed - moving to Camberley/Bagshot/Lightwater area. Any advice on secondary schools in this area, which to avoid etc. daughter going into Year 8......

Foxyloxy1plus1 Mon 25-Apr-16 14:06:36

Collingwood is large and seems to be fairly consistent in it's results. There are obviously economies of scale and opportunity with a large school. It takes students from Camberley, Bagshot, West End, Bisley, Lightwater. It's situated in the middle of an estate, but the catchment is quite diverse. Both my children went there and I was a teacher there for a while.

King's International is further down the A30 and is much smaller. I don't have any information about it, have never visited. I don't think it has a sixth form.

Tomlinscote is in Frimley and is oversubscribed with consistently high results and you would need to live close by to get a place, unless you are in a category. Not sure about in year applications either.

Charters is in Sunningdale, but you may well be out of area for that.

Ionacat Tue 26-Apr-16 11:58:15

I agree with Foxyloxy1plus1, (also taught at Collingwood years ago!)
Collingwood is good, it is large, but the advantage is that you get lots of opportunities.
Unless you live in Charters catchment, you'll struggle to get in, very oversubscribed and according to its website it has a waiting list for each year.

Kings used to have a poor reputation, however judging by its last Ofsted, it has turned around considerably since I last worked in the area. It is much smaller than Collingwood and I don't think it currently has a sixth form. (But a fair few from Camberley go to Farnborough Sixth form college anyway.)

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