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Best app for helping my 8 year old with maths?

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Ralphde Sat 23-Apr-16 11:52:54

Can anyone recommend an app to help my 8 year old with his mathematics?


MustTidyUpMustTidyUp Sat 23-Apr-16 13:50:43

Find out of the school have a subscription to MyMaths and if yes ask for a log on. It's very good.

JustRichmal Sat 23-Apr-16 16:01:07

Khan Academy is worth a try to see if he likes it. It is free and it will automatically assess his level and give him appropriate work. The down side is that it is American, so the money questions are a difficulty. However dd still uses this as the videos are good at making things clear; they explain why you do things, not just what you do.

tartanterror Sat 23-Apr-16 19:54:31

Doodlemaths is expensive but interactive and gives teaching info on topics. It works with our DS but he enjoys maths so no idea if it would help someone struggling.

Also look at squeebles which is also very popular in our house. You can buy a bundle of different maths games

irvineoneohone Sun 24-Apr-16 07:54:22

I second Khan Academy.

It's almost like having a personal teacher for every maths skills.

Michaelahpurple Sun 24-Apr-16 08:03:45

For light hearted/ quick fill-ins mathsbingo (an iphone ap) is great for practice of +-/* basics and is nicely designed - you earn little creatures. V annoying background tune can be muted. Good for 10 minutes of pointful activity in the car

TrainBridge Sun 24-Apr-16 08:14:26

We've tried a few and I'd agree doodlemaths is good for filling in knowledge gaps (it's based on the national curriculum) and Sqeebles are good for specific skills eg times tables, fractions. It depends what you want. There's a website run by teachers called apps4primary which I often use to find the right sort of thing for a specific purpose.

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