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Picking up child early from school

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raggers1212 Thu 21-Apr-16 15:31:19

Hi I'm looking for some advice.

My daughter is 4yrs and has lived with her grandparents for the past two years n half years.
Originally her grandparents took her in as I was battling bad depression.
When I got healthy they unfortunately didn't agree she should come home.

After being in and out of courtrooms for the last year, with multiple assessments, the court ruled outright that there's no reason why she shouldn't be back with me, my fiance and our son. Yay!!

Anyway she's been through a transition stage, slowly introducing her back to our home etc.

So Friday is her last day at her current school as she starts her new school near our home on monday.
I'm due to pick her up at her old school on Friday to start her permanent life back home.
Unfortunately throughout all this her grandparents have made things very difficult.
When I would usually pick her up from school they would gather all their family side and friends to say goodbye. This makes my daughter very upset and obviously not wanting to leave them as everyone is there.

I just know it's going to be even worse on her last day.

So I wanted to know if I can legally pick her up from school an hour early to prevent any stress to her.

Just for the record I have full parental responsibility and her grandparents have none.

If I am legally able to pick her up an hour early would I need to contact her school first? Like call them in the morning to explain or can I simply turn up?

I know with my son's school this wouldn't be an issue but some schools are different.

Thanx in advance smile


mangocoveredlamb Thu 21-Apr-16 15:34:30

What a difficult situation.
Legally you can collect her early based on what you have said about your rights. You would just need to ring the school and liaise with them.
But I'd be worried about not letting her say goodbye to the GPs as she has a relationship with them and they will no doubt tell her we'll be there to wave you off and say goodbye etc.

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