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Any Learning Mentors (or similar) out there?

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yorkshapudding Mon 18-Apr-16 19:32:12

I posted in Further Education but there doesn't seem to be much traffic, so hoping someone here can advise.

I am thinking of applying for a post as a Specialist Learning Mentor for Challenging Behaviour at a college. I have a lot of experience supporting vulnerable young people but in the health sector. I have never worked in a college environment, although my current role involves a lot of liaison and consultation with secondary schools.

The job description is really quite vague so I was hoping to get some insight into the day to day reality of the job. Am I right in thinking that my skills and experience (predominantly in child and adolescent mental health) would be transferable to this role? I am also interested to know whether there is any opportunity for progression, how working in a college differs from working in a secondary school environment and whether this is more of a teaching role or a pastoral role.


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