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Durston House (Ealing) vs Eaton House the Manor (Clapham)

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mumstary Tue 12-Apr-16 09:50:43


Am new here and looking for some advice. We are relocating back to London for my son to start Reception and have been offered a place at 2 good schools and we are in a dilemma which to accept. In terms of area to live, Ealing and Clapham are lovely family areas and academically both schools do well (although am slightly concerned that Durston House is a known feeder to Merchant Taylor and I have read mixed reviews on Merchant Taylor).

We have briefly visited Durston House last term and have been impressed with the friendly environment and teachers. DS is a shy and sensitive boy and we feel that the environment suits him. However, the school doesn't have much outdoor facilities as compared to his current nursery and we could sense his disappointment at that as he is also a very active boy.

We haven't visited Eaton House the Manor and will be doing so shortly but based on what I am reading, it seems to have a good campus and lots of activities (also helps that they provide hot lunches as compared to Durston House which is packed lunch). However, our main concern would be the transition to preparatory at 7/8 so will it be a hothouse? Also, it seems to be more traditional so will it be posh and old money as compared to Durston House which is more working parents (like us)?

Would appreciate any help/advice. Many thanks.

Bazelle Tue 12-Apr-16 14:23:04

Durston House has playing fields across the road I think and I was told that they had school dinners now. I would be interested to hear the mixed reviews about MTS, I thought it was a top drawer school. You would have peace of mind until the 13+, less traumatic than the 11+ I believe, as less people are doing it. Never heard of Eton House the Manor, cannot compare sorry.

SuiGeneris Thu 14-Apr-16 20:20:59

Friends who have kids at Eaton House the Manor are very happy now, but were less happy in Reception, when their young, shy and very bright boy was regarded as a problem pupil due to handwriting difficulties (which were entirely understandable given his very young age). However, they seem very happy now. I personally did not like the school (teachers of upper school seemed not to control the boys during the open day, daft uniform policy requires shorts in winter, no matter the weather), but that is very much a personal view.

mumstary Sat 16-Apr-16 03:24:02

Many thanks for your responses.

Bazelle - Yes Durston House has its own playing fields but I was referring to outdoor facilities like play structure with slide or sandpit etc which DS is used to having at his current nursery and really enjoys. Although this might only be a short term issue as DH feels that DS will outgrow these as he gets older and having big playing fields will be more important for big boys. I will check again on school lunches as we were there in Nov last year and it was mentioned it was packed lunches. I also thought MTS was a pretty good school but there were some mixed reviews on mumsnet (no personal experience and would also be interested to hear from others).

SuiGeneris - Good to hear from someone with personal experience and would take note of these and check it out during our visit.

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