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Free Galore park CE papers. Has anyone actualy received them?

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Lovelypompoms Fri 01-Apr-16 20:46:23


I've signed up to this three times and emailed them but I've never received the promised paper. I do recieve their marketing and promotion emails. Anyone else tried this?

Anyone know where I can get practice/ past papers and very importantly the answers aswel cheaper than this?

trinity0097 Fri 01-Apr-16 21:12:13

The school your son/daughter is at is the best bet! I bet by the time that your son/daughter sits CE they will have done all the past papers lots in one form or another!

Try buying the ISEB practice exercises books if you want even more work for your son/daughter to do!

pepperpot69 Sun 03-Apr-16 16:29:35

I got some off eBay!!

Ahwoo Mon 11-Apr-16 04:38:52

They usually send out an email immediately usually with 1 paper attached.
The one they sent me was from 2006 - that's not a typo, really a 10 year old paper.

If you are getting the marketing emails, then you are already on their database, so you won't be getting any more 'free' papers from them, not on the email you previously signed up with. Perhaps you could try using a different email account to sign up for the papers again?

Good luck

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