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good schools in liverpool

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refizade Tue 22-Mar-16 12:02:17

hi there

We are thinking to move back to the uk after 12 years in Dubai.

Am getting quite stressed as I don't know that much about best places to live and schools.

We have a house in L17 (near Sefton park) but would ideally like to move to Allerton or Chidwall or somewhere else nice smile

We have 3 boys ages 15,11 and 10 and a daughter almost 4.

For our 15 year old we have applied to Bluecoat and Liverpool College for 6th form so far. Any other recommendations?

Our 11 year old did not get into Bluecoat and the council won't let us apply for him or the younger two until July sad

We will consider private if we have to and have contacted Merchant Taylor which seems lovely but Crosby is quite far...

Ideally we would like to live in a nice area and let the younger two go to a good state primary.

Please help!

Many thanks in advance smile

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