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goshnotme Mon 21-Mar-16 19:44:05

A colleague is a Maths Teacher, not originally from this country, with two teenage children to support. Wife works also, but the family are struggling financially as well as trying to save for a house deposit, and he wondered about doing some tutoring on a Saturday morning to earn some extra money.

I just wondered if any of you could give some advice, in terms of whether this might be something he could do, and if so, how to set himself up (where to get copies of previous papers etc) and what to charge. Also, where would he advertise? How would he get clients? Would he go to their homes to teach? How does that work?

Thank you.

Leeds2 Mon 21-Mar-16 20:03:11

My DC has twice had occasion to have tutors - at vastly different stages in their education. Both came to our house.

My friend's DC had group tuition for passing 11+ - all the children in the class went to the tutor's house. I have also known of a lot of DC having musical instrument/singing lessons at the tutor's house.

So I think either venue is OK, and maybe up to your colleague to negotiate with his clients. Some will want their own DC out of the house, and away from distractions, some will prefer not to have to take them elsewhere.

What level does he teach now, and what level does he hope to tutor? I think you can get sample papers from the GCSE/A Level boards on line, as well as from individual schools for 11+, but surely he has access to these as part of his job?

goshnotme Mon 21-Mar-16 20:10:10

He teaches GCSE. I hadn't thought of him tutoring GCSE actually - I had only heard of people having tutors for the 11+ which is why I asked about that. He lives in a grammar school area you see.

Yes, he could get past GCSE papers from his current school, and I will tell him to contact the grammar schools for past 11+ papers. What would be an average charge per hour for a) individual tuition, and b) group tuition?

And where would he advertise?

Thank you for all your help.

PettsWoodParadise Wed 23-Mar-16 08:29:25

You won't get always past papers from the grammar schools. They will need to invest in something that is different from the Bond and Letts papers. They will need to demonstrate they know what the format of the tests is for their region and keep upto date with changes. The Elevenplusexams forum is a great mine of information. We had an elevenplus tutor for a few weeks for our DD but ditched them as they clearly didn't have a clue so we did it ourselves. We paid £25 per hour which included materials. I know of others who had built up a good track record charging a whopping £50 per hour. This is mad SE London.

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