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Brentwood School

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Sailinghomeagain Sun 20-Mar-16 14:23:02

We are considering Brentwood School for our 10 year old son.He is very bright loves music and drama.Not particularly sporty but he does love fencing.I would love to hear anyone with knowledge of the school.Thank you

PurpleAlerts Sun 20-Mar-16 17:38:37

My DD went to Brentwood from years 10-13 having been in another local Independent school from years 7-9 (which was beyond awful...)

Not a super selective school but we were very impressed with the facilities and the academic achievement. They teach boys and girls separately from Years 7-11 which I think works really well. DD loved it there.

Music and Drama are excellent. My DD wasn't involved but she had plenty of friends who were and there were tons of opportunities for taking part in ensembles and productions.

Lots of opportunities for sport and I am pretty sure they do fencing.

It is a big school but we found it very well organised. Communication was always very good and there is lots of extra support for those who need it. My DD had a mild medical condition that sometimes affected her concentration and the extra support she received right from the beginning was amazing.

She wasn't a super bright student but hard working which was valued as much as academic achievement. She ultimately did very well and got a place at her first choice university.

Sailinghomeagain Sun 20-Mar-16 18:22:39

Thank you for the reply,I really like the fact they teach boys and girls separately but the still get together for drama,sport etc.Congratulations to your DS on getting her first choice of university,I hope she is happy there.What was the awful school if you don't mind me asking?I think Brentwood will be our first but we did have a terrible experience with a local prep school(which my son is no longer in) and I don't want to make that mistake again.PM me if that's easier.Thank you again for the really helpful info on the school.

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