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Cumnor House V Elmhurst School

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Sandrababe Sat 19-Mar-16 11:37:36

I am looking to know more about the two school. I am looking at both schools. Can anyone shed some light please

Ladymuck Sun 20-Mar-16 09:01:36

The schools are probably more similar than different in many respects, and I wouldn't advise anyone to drive past one to get to the other. Cumnor has the advantage for a sporty boy that it has better sports facilities on site. Parking at school drop off/pick up time is a nightmare at both.

If afterschool care is important for you, then that is worth following up. Make sure you know who is running the provision at both.

Possibly the impact that you can't predict is who else is in the class, and to be honest that can be quite important. It is not unusual for families to start at one school and then move to the other if the class dynamic is unhelpful (though I would hasten to add that this isn't a frequent occurrence - possibly one or two boys moving per year group). Movement goes in both directions - it is mainly down to personalities within a group rather than fundamental flaws in either school that I can see.

Sandrababe Sun 20-Mar-16 09:46:26

Ladymuck thank you for your response

I was wondering if you knew of any parents that currently have children at either school. As I have attended a open day at both schools and still very unsure of what school to send my son to

Ladymuck Mon 21-Mar-16 13:51:54

I've sent you a PM. But unless you have a very specific area of concern, then the vast majority of boys will thrive at either school. There will be a smaller minority who may find certain aspects don't work for them socially, but you're unlikely to be able to predict that before starting.

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