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School turning in to a money making machine!

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fsouthwell Fri 18-Mar-16 17:46:06

So recently my daughters primary school has a new head teacher. Ever since this woman started the school just seems to have become a money making machine. They now charge for entry to their school fairs, as well as for activities once your in. All non school uniform days require paying for (even if it's not for a charity). I just feel like it's getting a bit out of hand now.

The area I live in is technically a deprived area so most of the residents are unemployed or stay at home parents which means a lot of people survive on benefits and free school meals. I don't mind one or 2 fundraising events for the school like when they wanted to buy a school minibus but I think when they are charging £1 per person to get in to an earth hour event after recently purchasing outdoor speakers for the playground might be a bit steep!

Am I being tight or should I say something to the school (bear in mind I'm on smp at the moment and have hardly any money!)

Thanks smile

AdvocateNotAdvocat Fri 18-Mar-16 17:50:14

Donations should be voluntary rather than mandatory (e.g. re mufti days/donations for minibus), possibly with exception of school fair activities (likely PTFA-led) which I think are fair enough to charge for as monies go back into enhancing school for the children.

AuntieStella Fri 18-Mar-16 17:52:49

The activities you describe were run by PTA or by the Pupil Council (we never had a non-uniform day other than for a charity the pupils chose).

Do you have a PTA?

Do they ever canvass parental views for discussion with the school? Because if you aim is to get things changed, then something that shows a large number of parents are concerned is a good way of getting heard.

Or ask the PTA about whether that can pay for some of these things for hard-pressed families. Because although the fete is clearly optional, it's an important event in the life of the school and it's pretty dreadful if families cannot afford to go at all.

RedOnHerHedd Fri 18-Mar-16 18:41:43

Every week our school has something that we need to pay money for. Mufty day is £1 each, today they had sport relief day which was £1 each.

Last week they went on a trip to the museum (free entry) maximum of 1 mile away and the bus fare was £6 each!

In June DS is going on a residential trip that is costing £250 each, for TWO NIGHTS!!

I'm a bit fed up now of all the little extras we have to pay.

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