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dayjems Fri 18-Mar-16 16:23:00

Hi - I'm planning on sending DS to Edge Grove but I'm worried about the intensity of the work and the length of day.

Can anyone give my a typical day for a Year 3 child? What time does it start and finish?

Krama Sun 03-Apr-16 21:54:25

Hi, Also considering sending DS to reception in September but need more personal experience information for parents. Why did you choose this school and which other ones did you have on your shortlist?

UrgentSchoolHelp Mon 04-Apr-16 03:46:34

dayjems my experience of edge grove is limites but in general longer days are the norm at country Preps. At ours, the Year 3's finish clubs at 5:30 (or later for the off site clubs) but have the option of staying for second clubs, dinner and Prep until 7:30. I think some Y3's do get a bit tired but some are fine. Mine would love having that much to do and doesn't get tired, plenty are like him. I think the ones who get tired tend to pick 2-3 clubs per week and leave at 4:30 on the other days.

Maybe take time to consider if you're after a day school environment or somewhere which will feed to boarding schools?

In my limited experience, Edge Grove are not very SEN friendly (and the SENCO is crap, so I have been told) and will cull weaker pupils if they need to. Having said that, I don't think it is a massive hothouse, but I could be wrong??

RunningSeven Wed 06-Apr-16 15:50:46

hi, my child is now in the upper school. Year 3's day is from 8:30-4. You don't have to do any activities (which run fr 4-6pm) - they are all optional. Some children do loads, some pick 1 that interests them (lego, street dance, football) and many do none. Lower School (yr 3+4) will have Games once a week where they play against another school - on that day, they may finish later - usually back at EG by 5.

I do not know much about SEN (at EG), however that just may be my exposure. I have never heard of a child being culled.

The school day is longer but I feel in some ways it's more chilled. There is a morning break and a long lunch where the children can play. They are good about putting things like music, games (practice for the sport of the season), pe, art, drama, etc in the afternoon. It seems as if the children spend a bit of time getting in and out of said games kit smile

I feel there is a right balance academically. I know there are some old posts about Edge Grove but I find these unrecognisable to the school I know - the school has changed so much in the past few years under the new Head.

Krama, I chose this school for a few reasons - most just personal to me. I wanted a mixed school with smaller classes. I didn't want lessons on Saturday morning. I liked the grounds and space for children to run free. I wanted a well-rounded education - high academic standards but not to the detriment of music, arts and sports and just being a kid. I found the Head forward thinking and down to earth. The children looked happy. Having said all that - I believe my child would have been happy at any of the schools we looked at - go with your gut and I'm sure it will be the right decision.

Krama Thu 05-May-16 20:45:53

Hello RunningSeven,
Thank you for your detailed information. We will attend the upcoming open day.

Thanks again

Lkd84 Thu 26-Oct-17 22:27:46

Sorry to jump onto this post but I have a quick question..

Does anyone know how sibling admissions works at Edge Grove? If say an older child has a place will the younger get in? Website says it's assessments at all entry points so I guess I'm asking if anyone knows of a sibling that hasn't gotten in? Would appreciate any help

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