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Pitsford School

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Pocketwithaholeinit27 Tue 15-Mar-16 18:52:36


Can anybody give me any information - good or not so good on Pitsford School ( independent all through school) in Northamptonshire? I'm considering moving my son there, he's currently year 4.

Many thanks

HappyPapster Thu 17-Mar-16 20:50:11

Pitsford School has a very caring ethos, the children are very happy about going to school and in the junior school I have never heard of any bullying. The teachers are very approachable and there are lots of different events held at the school to get involved with. There are some specialist teachers employed and the children have these for Art, PE, French and Latin. In my opinion J4 is a class of two halves, there are a lot of children who have extra English help and learning support and then there are quite a few children who appear really bright. I think like every school people have mixed feelings, with some parents steadfastly committing to keeping their children at the school until the end of year 13 and others feeling that there are more academic schools with better facilities to send their children to at 11.

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